April 28, 2006

Sheltered life

I have been given the opportunity to train in a supervisory position at work. It has truly been an eye opener - by that I don't mean the work involved, but the gossiping and backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes.

I feel I know far more about certain individuals now than I had ever cared to or needed to know.

I also know who the problem children are - who they are watching and what the alleged transgressions are.

The scales have fallen from my eyes and in some ways it's disappointing to me to discover that the people whom I once looked up to and admired, are in fact "human" like the rest of us.


gemmak said...

Hey...I'm your first comment!

Welcome back :o)

Josh Houghtelin said...

I hate backstabbing and gossiping. Fortunately for me I do my best to be as straightforward with people as humanly possible. I live as transparently as possible. I hope you enjoy your new position!

That aside, congrats on the new blog! I have always enjoyed following your blog. =)

moon said...

Welcome back my friend! Missed you! Also have to say congrats on the new position.
As for your new blog, do with it what ever you want, when ever you want lol..I could never post every day and although I recently changed templates (to this same one actually) I may or maynot re-add decorations lol..where ever the whim takes me is my moto...but I have to agree with u about the meme's....in your email...I never have nor ever will do one of those lol.
Good to see u back Sue...hugs 0x0x0x

Jennyta said...

Hey! Great to see you back, Sue and congratulations on the new position. Unfortunately, this sort of backstabbing seems to be rife in working environments these days. I wonder if it's a result of people being, or feeling, under so much pressure at work.

Shannon said...

Given the positions that we hold, our environment being predominantly female, it's only natural that backstabbing and gossiping are the norm.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if it weren't?

As for your blog and how it looks, it's up to you doll, it's your blog do what you will. If you should choose, the offer was extended to Moonie as it shall be to you...if you want any funstuff, lemme know, I'll be more than happy to give you the link.

Glad to see you back *MUUUAHHH*

Lou Lou said...

welcome back!
new you couldn't stay away....

reesie said...

welcome back sweet lady >:D<
you were missed!!