July 20, 2007

I wonder if I even have a 2B pencil?

It's been a busy few weeks - work has been busy (and stressful, but I wont go into that), and I have been working all kinds of overtime (yes, for the house). Which reminds me, I need to get out and take a few more pics of my dirt at some point :0)

The promotional process at work has started and I have submitted my resume and application...and am just waiting to hear if I have made the successful candidate list. Assuming I am...the study package will be available the first week of August...and the exam will be September 13th. I hate exams...never was very good at them. If (and it's a huge "if", because apparently it's a bastard of an exam) I pass, the interviews will be in October. They base their interviews on all that "I, I, I, me, me, me" stuff...and when you are a typically self-effacing Brit like myself those kind of statements seem so very alien, smug and downright unattractive. I am going to have to learn how to blow my own trumpet...and sound like I believe it.

My social life right now is it's usual sporadic array of nothing, nothing...busy, busy....nothing. My love life is beyond extinct and I believe it now qualifies for an archaeological dig.

My diet however, is continuing to plod along, as of this date I am down 57lbs and I am trying to "step it up" a little as I have become a little slack in my cardio workouts - hitting the gym only 3 times a week for my weights routine instead of 5-6 times a week with a combination of weights and cardio. I had a knee injury (ironically from over exertion on the treadmill) about 2 months ago. It took forever to heal and I never did get back to running. Originally my goal date was Labour Day weekend...and as of today I am going to be a little short of hitting that target - but not by much, if I step it up now through to the beginning of September. Either way, I will get there come hell or high water before Thanksgiving (Canadian).

I have holidays coming up at the beginning of August...19 days of rest and relaxation. No plans, no destinations ...and definitely no overtime. My last set of holls I ended up working half of them and went back to work feeling that I had never been gone. After the past few weeks at work I definitely need the break...and it will be good study time for the exam.

...did I mention how much I hate exams??

July 12, 2007

More pics of my dirt!

Decided to come out on a "work day" to actually catch some action...LOOK!! A workman! Woot!
Workmen again :0)
Digger-excavator-thingy (Hopefully Josh will help here with the correct word!)
I ran into a workman down on the main road who aside from being the spitting image of the construction worker from the Village People (I kid you not) he informed me that they are building roads and laying sewers.
...therefore given my new technical expertise ...this must be a road building thingy! (Dad would be so proud!)

July 10, 2007

more ptd pics

Jen emailed me a couple of pics...so here's another "ptd" update @55lbs.
Typical I know...I get bugged for photos for months and have none to show...and then I flood you with them!




July 2, 2007

Week 4

Week 4 07/07/01

The amount of work they have done this week is astounding. The entire area is basically cleared! I litterally gasped out loud when I got out of the car to take these.
Week 4 07/07/01
It blows my mind that 4 weeks ago this was all trees and grassy hills.
Week 4 07/07/01
South...wish I could figure out where my lot is...gonna have to have another gander at the site plans.
Week 4 07/07/01
Now that's what I call a big pile of dirt!
Week 4 07/07/01
"Excavators" (thank you Josh!)
Week 4 07/07/01
Looking north/east
Week 4 07/07/01
Looking east from the far south-westerly edge of the construction perimeter.

I did take more, but let's face it...it's dirt! Crossing my fingers that we see some actual construction starting soon! lol

July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

We took a drive out to Cobourg for their Waterfront Festival.

Canada Day 2007

The Cobourg Marina.

Canada Day 2007
The Beachfront

Canada Day 2007
The Midway - the smells from all the cotton candy and hotdog stands was overpowering.

Picture 027
Hope they didnt eat before getting on the ride. lol

Canada Day 2007

Picture 028
The Bandshell - various artists performing all day.

Picture 029
The audience.

Picture 031
Jen and I may have stopped a wee while here to watch. I took another shot to try and get the ball in the frame (a dismal failure) ...to which Jen asked innocently (wiping the drool off her chin).."Oh, they have a ball?"

Canada Day 2007
What a nifty way to get around! I bet one or two of these down at the Ex this summer would be very cool!! It has a little siren and flashing light at the front...which he kindly demonstrated for me (I did ask permission to take the photo)...apparently the top speed is 20kms/hr - but he didn't see the humour about being in a pursuit on it. (typical...only T.O. coppers have a sense of humour)

C'est moi!

Taken June 30th out front of Jen's place (I was there to pick her up to go to a pool party & bbq). Still a long ways to go...

June 30, 2007

June 30,  2007