January 23, 2007

Time off for good behaviour

I am taking a bit of a sabattical from blogging, well not blogging entirely - obviously if anything major in my life happens, once the builders start on the new house, for example, I will be here with bells on, posting photos and observations etc.

For the time being however, I am going to let this baby mellow, mature and hopefully when I get back it wont read like a schoolgirl's diary. I'll still be dropping by everyone's blog and tossing in my 5 cents worth from time to time...so you don't get rid of me that easily. For the time being however, consider this diary tucked under the proverbial bed, waiting for something more earth shattering than "what I had for breakfast".

January 18, 2007

Area 51

1. What is your first name?

2. Were you named after anyone?
I have a cousin with the same name, but that wasn't deliberate - just a popular name in the 60's - my mum did say once though that they checked with my Aunt and Uncle first to see if they minded. My middle name is same as Great-Aunt - dunno if I was named after her though.

3. Do you wish on stars?

4. When did you last cry?
Can't remember. Doesn't mean I don't cry often - just means my memory sucks. The boy made me tear up from sentiment with a sweet comment the other day though.

5. Do you like your handwriting?
I used to have beautiful penmanship. At my old job they always came to me to write out special event cards, invitations etc. because I can do Calligraphy. Nowadays my penmanship is atrocious, lack of practice and too much time using keyboards 24/7. At times I even have trouble reading my own scrawl.

6. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Not a big lunch meat fan.

7. What is your most embarrassing CD MP3?
I don't have one - my music tastes are wide, varied and I am unapologetic for that. If someone wishes to look down their noses at my CD collection then they seriously need a life.

8. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Heck yeah! I'd date me!

9. Do you have a journal?
I kept a daily written diary from the age of 11 to 18 - every day, every bit of teenage angst, every crush, every dream was recorded in those pages. A boyfriend found them, read them and I stopped writing - it was such an invasion of privacy. He insisted I throw them away...which I did...foolish, foolish girl. I should have kept the diaries and tossed out the controlling boyfriend (who unfortunately went on to become a controlling husband - foolish, foolish girl). I have been blogging since 2004 - admittedly I have deleted 2 blogs so far - but there are cleansing reasons behind that too.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

11. What are your nicknames?
My understanding is that a nickname is what someone else calls you...not what you call yourself. So usernames don't really count. Growing up I got, Gingernut, Ginge, Duracell, Greebo, Greenie and Grebbles. I hated all of them.

12. Would you bungee jump?
Absolutely! (Although I would like a little coaxing too...but I would definitely be into it).

13. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Very, very rarely. The only laced shoes I have right now are my runners which I wear for the gym, so I do have to put them on and lace them properly, but I always just kick them off without untieing them at the end of my workout.

14. Do you think that you are strong?
Mentally -yes,
Physically - yes.
Emotionally - ummmm.

15. What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
I am not a huge ice cream fan to be honest. In fact the tub I bought at Christmas time (Neapolitan) is still untouched in the freezer. I do like a soft serve cone in the summer time though. Dairy Queen/99 (with the flake!)

16. Shoe size?
I have wide feet so sometimes I can range anywhere from an 8 (runners) to a 9 1/2 depending on style of the shoe...but I have worn size 10 if the shoe was very narrow. Surprisingly, as I lose weight, my shoe size seems to be shrinking.

17. Red or pink?
No preference. To wear? Neither!

18. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?
The fact that I put myself down all the time.

19. What do you miss most?
My mum.

20. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back?
Obviously this was originally an email meme. Nope!

21. What colour pants/shoes are you wearing?
Pale white skin coloured pants...oh wait..those are my legs....hmm, need to shave..No shoes, pink (well they used to be pink...ok dusty pink) slippers.

22. What are you listening to right now?
Nothing. Peace, quiet, the occasional ping from the baseboard heater as the metal expands and contracts. Gentle hum from the lap top. Wall clock ticking.

23. Last thing you ate?
A meal replacement protein bar - brunch!

24. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Firey orange. (who thinks of these questions?)

25. What is the weather like right now?
Current temperature -1 C Windchill -6C Wind coming from the SW at 18 km/hr, cloudy, barometric pressure 102.35 kPa, humidity 69%, Sunrise was at 7:48 sunset will be at 5:10

26. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My date guy. (shriek!)

27. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes, hair, smile, body size, height.

28. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Nobody sent it, I stole it from Zippy's blog.

29. Favourite drink?
Tea or Coffee for non alcoholic choices. Shiraz or Gewurztraminer for wine. Not a big fan of pop unless it's as a mix with alcohol (ie: rum and diet coke).

30. Favourite sport?
To watch? Figure skating, tennis or Show jumping. To do? Most water sports. Will try most things once. Never really was that 'good at games'.

31. Hair colour?

32. Eye colour?
Blue/grey depending on my mood.

33. Do you wear contacts?
Yes. I am real tempted to one day get the laser eye thing done, but I am also kinda freaked at the idea too. Wear my glasses at home and on omg-I-am-too-tired-to-care days.

34. Favourite food?
Never ask a woman on a diet that! At the moment everything looks good. (With the exception of Brussels - gag) In fact, I don't suggest you even sit still around here too long, or I will be eyeing you up and mentally running through my favourite bbq recipes in my head.

35. Last movie you watched?
On dvd: The Black Dahlia. (wasn't that great) and The Covenant (which was pretty good).

36. Favourite day of the year?
I was going to say Christmas morning, but in truth any summer morning, where it's warm out and I can sit out on the patio, enjoy the flowers in my garden, sipping on my morning coffee...(shooing off the squirrels) is a great day for me.

37. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings (like Love Actually) or last minute twist shocker suspense endings (like the Sixth Sense).

38. Winter or summer?
Summer, fall...sometimes winter...rarely spring.

39. Hugs or kisses?
Kisses...no, hugs...darn...no, kisses...argh...decisions! BOTH!

40. What is your favourite dessert?
Molten chocolate lava cake. (Homer Simpson drool noises).

41. Who is most likely to do this meme?
People who like to do meme's perhaps?

42. Who is the least likely to do this meme and comment?
Seriously...who asks these questions? Who cares??

43. What books are you reading?
Trying to plough my way through Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution. I don't find his writing style easy to read at all.
Just finished reading:
Jeffrey Archer's False Impression (very good)
Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (very very good)
and Tess Gerritsen's The Mephisto Club (very good).

44. What’s on your mouse pad?
I don't need a mouse pad I have an optical mouse plugged into the laptop because I don't like the laptop's built in mouse thingy. I don't feel like I have the same control.

45. What did you watch on TV last night?
I didn't watch TV last night.

46. Favourite smells?
Fresh baked bread. Fresh laundry. Lilac bushes. The Ocean. Fresh cut grass. Skin, fresh out of the shower. Fresh brewed coffee.

47. Favourite sounds?
Pounding surf. Seagulls. Thunder and lighting storms. Bagpipes (honestly! Hard to explain.)

48. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
Hands down, the fab four ...The Beatles.

49. What’s the furthest you’ve been from your home?

50. Do you have a special talent?
Nope. I do most things "well" or "good enough"...but nothing springs to mind that I excel at.

51. What is your ring tone?
Haven't a clue. I selected a ring tone off the generic list that came with the phone. I once tried to pick a tone to download off the web, spent literally hours browsing different sounds and tones...got frustrated at not being able to make a decision...and logged off without getting one. I don't get that many phone calls on my cell that it matters all that much.

January 17, 2007


Late night phone calls that last til 2am are very sweet and reminiscent of high school, and the residual smiles the following morning at 7am seem to counteract fatigue.

January 16, 2007

The Crusade has begun

The Boy was one of many in line at our local EB Games last night to pick up his reserved copy of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, which was released at midnight.

I don't expect I will see him for a while. He has even booked a few vacation days off work. I will just leave plates of food at the door and every so often, open the computer room door just wide enough and long enough to aim a can of aerosol air freshener at his general direction.

Thank heavens one of his first purchases from his new job was this laptop...otherwise I would be totally computerless! I get more use out of it than he ever does! hehehe

January 15, 2007


So the blind date from the other night ...

...the man who has driven me insane with his "come hither, no go away" attitude over the last month.

Who can frustrate me beyond belief with his rigid outlook.

The first man in heck knows how long, who has piqued my interest. (Yes people, we are talking "zing" here).

The same fella with whom on the phone the other day I told in no uncertain terms exactly what I thought and how frustrating he could be ...

....and who in turn said quite calmly that he felt given my thoughts on the matter he should just "bow out gracefully" on our fledgling friendship/relationship...

...to which I retorted, "I agree, you simply aren't the man for me!" (hanging up feeling smug and so forth)...

...MSN's me tonight (which was a surprised because I had deleted him completely from phone, email, you name it...gone!) Just to say hello....and then says...

"For what it's worth, you are the kind of woman it would be so easy to fall in love with....and so impossible to live without. Good night."

And poof ...he was gone...logged off and leaving me sucking a thoughtful tooth.

Game player, arrogant so-and-so, pain in my ass (and potential pain in my heart)...

...that's the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in the longest time....

...and he knows it....

....and he no doubt knows I will go to bed tonight, with him on my mind, wondering what the hell is going on.

Stay tuned ...there may be more to come on this one.

January 13, 2007

SWF seeks...

OK, so the new year of being single in the suburbs didn't exactly get of to a successful start, (we wont even touch on my date the other night) but we're hopeful, it's a new year, a new decade (pour moi), I'm optimistic, psyched up and ready to go, so bring 'em on! (Cue "Rocky" sound track)

My single gal pals all use online personals - we've all had varying degrees of success - J. in fact is currently in month 3 of a seeing a guy she met online and so far (touch wood) things seem to be going wonderfully for her. I am thrilled for her and a touch envious too - lol.

For me however it seems I attract the weirdos, the wackos, the ones who can't spell - well let me give you an example. This morning's mail box yielded the following gem from a gentleman I have never seen or spoken to before.

"lets have dinner or lunch to know each other more"

OK...straight...to the point...I will overlook the lack of punctuation, capital letters, salutations etc. Heck, do we even need to know the name of our dinner companions, honestly? I manage marvelously at work with "my dear" or "lovey" when I have totally blanked on somebodies name. So I clicked on my anonymous admirers profile, ready to have my heart whisked away in a frenzy of desire, lust and who cares if he doesn't punctuate his sentences...and this is what I found. In his "about me" section:

im 5'7high and 140lb and clean shaving head,watching hocey and soccer,swimming ,traveling,walking on the beach, eat differnet food.70/80/90/and200..... music and country musice fan too , ihave big tatoowatching mr beeb and funny movie, habs go habs go

Obviously my new friend had problems with spaces between words, spelling...er English even? I checked out his stats...ah, yes - he's oriental. Nothing against orientals, however if you re-read the ad with an Asian accent it does seem to flow a little nicer....(yes I am digging here for something positive to say). I think he means Mr. Bean, not "mr beeb". Either way, you can see what I mean when I say that pickings are slim to none. On the plus side however, he has managed to fit in the classic "walks on the beach" line. Gotta give him points for that oft-used gem.

I keep thinking of Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles in search of his "American girlfriend".

January 10, 2007

Your Cat's New Year's Resolutions

For the feline lovers amongst us...

When you are in the washroom I will not meow pitifully at the door, or try to reach my paw under the door to get to you. I know you will come out of there eventually and I just need to wait patiently.

When you are taking a bubble bath, I will not peer over the side at you, or hop up onto the edge and precariously walk the perimeter. I know the thought of wet, hissing, scratching cat and your naked flesh makes you nervous.

We will not play "Herd of Thundering Wildebeasts Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti" over any humans' bed while they're trying to sleep.

I cannot leap through closed windows to catch birds and squirrels outside. If I forget this and bonk my head on the window and fall behind the couch in my attempt, I will not get up and do the same thing again.

I will not assume the patio door is open when I attempt to race outside to chase leaves.

I will not stick my paw into any container to see if there is something in it...

...If I do, I will not hiss and scratch when my human has to shave me to get the rubber cement out of my fur.

If I bite the cactus, it will bite back.

When it rains, it will be raining on all sides of the house. It is not necessary to check every door.

I will not play "dead cat on the stairs" while people are trying to bring in groceries or laundry, or else one of these days, it will really come true.

When the humans play darts, I will not leap into the air and attempt to catch them.

When my human is making the bed, I will not repeatedly hop up onto the mattress to be covered by sheets, blankets, duvets etc.

I will not swat my human's head repeatedly when they are on the family room floor trying to do sit ups.

When my human is typing at the computer, their forearms are *not* a hammock. (Point of reference...this is Xena's FAVOURITE spot to lie and nap...and my forearms should look like Popeye the Sailor as a result!)

Computer and TV screens do not exist to backlight my lovely tail. (Sooooooo true it hurts!)

I will not stand on the bathroom counter, stare down the hall, and growl at NOTHING after my human has watched the X-Files.

I will not perch on my human's chest in the middle of the night and stare until they wake up. (Cats, dogs and toddlers have this incredible ability to wake me out of a dead sleep just by staring).

I will not wake my human on her day off at 5 am by pacing repeatedly across her pillow and accidentally-on-purpose pulling at her hair.

I will not walk on the key board when my human is writing important adagfsg gdjag ;ln

January 9, 2007

And so the start of another year...

Got a blind date tonight.


I hate this.

Off to stare blankly at my closet.

January 8, 2007

Slimming Season

Christmas over.

New Year's over.

Birthday over.

So beginneth the Slimming Season.

Joining me for the first time ever - the boy - who has decided he'd like to drop a few pounds and tone up. I must say I was very touched when he said he wanted to do this with me. It sure makes meals easier to prepare if we are both eating rabbit food, rather than preparing two separate meals.

I'd post "before" pics...but would rather wait and see if the "afters" look any better! LOL

Ironically I was thinking back to my teens/early 20's and happened to recall what I weighed back when I counted every calorie that went into my mouth. It was a shock to realise the weight I was then, that I considered so terribly fat, was even less than what my goal weight today is.

'Twas the month after Xmas and all thru the house
Nothing would fit me - not even a blouse!!!!!
The stuffing I'd nibbled, the turkey I'd tasted
The yummies I'd eaten gone straight to my waist(ed)
The wine and mince pies,the bread and the cheese
I should have just said "No thank you,please"
So as I dressed myself in my boyfriends old shirt
I couldn't believe my bottom and belly-the girth!!!!!!!!
I said to myself as only I can
"You cant spend the year disguised as a man"!!!!!!!
So away with the last of the sour cream dip
Get rid of the fruitcake,every cracker and chip
Every last bit of food that I like must be banished
'Till all the additional ounces have vanished
I wont have a cookie,not even a lick
Instead I'll chew on a long celery stick.
I wont have Irish coffees or chocholates or pie
I'll munch on a carrot and quietly cry
"I'm hungry, I'm lonesome and life is a bore
But isnt that what Janurary's for?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unable to giggle,no longer a riot
Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet!!!!!!

January 7, 2007

Party gal

Friday afternoon I had a makeover appointment with a cosmetician. Funny how they can take over an hour putting all kinds of "muck" on your face. I've always loved a bit of lippy and a bit of eyeshadow, but my god, these women go overboard! Highlighter creams, smoothing bases, concealers and stuff to plump your lips etc. I'd need another blinking mortgage just to cover the cost of it all. I was glad to wash it all off at the end of the day!

Friday evening we started the celebrations off with a nice meal out, the boy and I - his treat! It was lovely to actually sit across the table and have a conversation for once, instead of us being ships that pass in the night between my shifts and his social life!

After dinner I headed off to meet up with J. - I think she's enjoying the fact that I am now joining her in the "Forties Club" far too much! She had my name read out in the "Birthday Bonanza" on the radio - made sure they emphasized the age too. (Witch!) Then she had a gift bag waiting for me, seems she decided to visit an ...erm...."adult store" for my birthday gift and roared laughing as I did a fairly accurate impression of a belisha beacon.
We spent the rest of the evening at a local bar I had never been to before. A little place out in the country, on a back road miles from anywhere - and surprisingly busy.

Out again Saturday - a date of sorts, with a fella I met last summer. Considering we have only managed 4 dates in all this time however speaks volumes - on both our parts - but it was a lovely evening, lotsa laughs and good company.

January 5, 2007


The much dreaded day has arrived. (dum-de-dum-dummmmmm!)

Well I say dreaded, but I haven't exactly been a total basket case - like some I could mention. I work with women who have spent their entire fortieth birthdays in floods of tears hidden in the office washroom. Women like that totally infuriate me at times.

Forty so far feels pretty much the same as thirty-nine did yesterday to be honest! It's all a mental attitude. Getting my head around the idea of now being in my 40's and not my 30's...the idea that life is half over (assuming I make it to 80) is about the most morbid thought I have had so far, but I am not quite ready to pick up my seniors bus pass or reserve a plot at the local cemetery just yet.

Today's plans so far involve a little shopping, then dinner with the boy this evening (his treat!) and then out for drinks and dancing with J. and the girls tonight. Seems like a pretty good way to spend one's birthday if you ask me!

January 3, 2007

Stripped bare...

...my living room that is. Or at least that's what it looks like now that all the Christmas decorations have come down and been packed away for another year. Four hours solid and the living room still isn't straight - but given the time right now and my 4am wake up the final touches will have to wait until tomorrow.

For saying I have a fake tree, I sure have a lot of tree needles on the floor to vacuum up tomorrow night when I get home! What's up with that? And for the record fake snow gets everywhere. I'll still be dusting and vacuuming this stuff come August!

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

I think the Christmas season of 2006 will not be one that stands out in my memories as the best. The sore throat and tickly cough that had been bothering me all week, on the lead up to Christmas, decided to become a full fledged head cold by late Christmas Eve.

Christmas dinner was declared by the boy to be "delicious" - much to my surprise - after all I cooked it. I, on the other hand, couldn't taste a thing and my appetite was non-exsistant. He cleared his plate and I abandoned mine hardly touched. H'mmmm, the day I am off food, I am definitely sick. The rest of Christmas was spent on the couch. Roll of toilet paper within easy and frequent reach (we ran out of Kleenex). To say I felt like death warmed over would be accurate. Everything, including my teeth and eyelashes, ached.

Boxing Day I was supposed to drive to London (Ont.) with the boy to visit relatives. When I woke up however I knew it wasn't going to happen. I knew that sitting home feeling very sorry for myself would probably be the best medicine. So the boy headed off to London alone for the day with his car loaded with goodies ...and I did the combination of watch tv, sleep and drink endless cups of tea for the entire day. At one point (around the start of t.p. roll #3 of the day) I seriously started to wonder how one body could possibly produce so much mucous. It was disgusting and by pure physics alone I should now technically weigh a mere 100lbs after all the snot that has flowed from this body. I don't however, so sadly this wasn't the diet discovery of 2006.

By December 27th I was starting to feel we had turned a corner - I even ventured out of the house for the first time since the 24th. Still no tastebuds, still no appetite....and the Niagara Falls which was my nose had slowed somewhat to at least allow me to function.

December 28th was back to work. Still not 100%, but not sick enough in my books to be off work. Plus I felt I had milked all the sympathy at home dry and it was time to find new caring folk who would comisserate.

By December 29th I knew that any plans I might have, might make or might even want to make for New Year's Eve would not be including anything remotely party-ish and I had no real need of New Year's Day off (seniority has it's perks) so I cancelled my day off.

December 30th I discovered that we lost a significant number of people at work over Christmas due to a flu virus that is going around the office. Staffing numbers are such that several people are being forced into mandatory overtime just to keep the centre running on our minimum numbers. Thought you were going to be off New Year's Eve in time to celebrate with family and friends? Ha! Fool!

December 31st - I skipped dinner completely, as I now fear I have picked up the stomach bug that is going around work. Spent the evening between the couch and the loo feeling decidedly nauceous - was in bed by 8:30pm, having decided to accept 7:00pm my time as midnight in England and that was good enough for me!

New Year's Day - 4am, good morning ....sheesh I bet everyone is still sauced and sleeping it off - whereas some of us (over dramatic sigh), who are considered essential services, have to get up and go to work. Nausea is gone, I think, touch wood. Still a bit congested but it's nothing compared to a few days ago.

Still mentally going over my New Year's Resolutions - hopped on the scale this morning and was pleased to see that I made it through Christmas and New Year's without putting on any weight...on the alarming side I haven't lost any either...grrrr. I also managed to make it through the entire Christmas season without a drop of alcohol. Didn't feel up to it or just didn't feel in the mood - eitherway we have tons of wine and spirits that haven't been touched. H'mmm save for the birthday celebration perhaps?

....anyways, Happy New Year to all! Here's hoping 2007 brings us much happiness, great friends, prosperity and most importantly (as I have discovered these past few days) HEALTH!