October 29, 2006

Hallowe'en 2006

Last night I was at a Hallowe'en party for the first time in years. It was a total hoot, and I have to admit that there is nothing like dressing up in a fancy dress costume to lower people inhibitions and have a rip-snorting good time (yes, I tried my first ever jello shooters).

This is me...minus the lifejacket (which I did wear periodically through the night, but it was a tad hot for dancing). I went as the Unsinkable Molly Brown (survivor from the Titanic) ...hence the period costume, glittering jewels, evening gloves ....and the ten gallons of gel in my hair to maintain that "wet look". The blue hypothermic lips unfortunately wore off after the first beer.


Jen was "Little Red Riding Hood"...searching for her Big Bad Wolf...


There were A LOT of inflatable characters like this Sumo looking chappie...


And I met a lot of wonderful people...like William "Braveheart" Wallace here.


And this chap...well...erm....yes....an original costume for sure. Watching him shuffle around with his pants around his ankles all night was amusing to say the least.


One thing though...only a crazy person...would be daft...nay, stupid...nay, INSANE enough to wear new high heels to such an event. Thank heavens we don't know anyone who matches that description...eh?

October 24, 2006

Option B

The following has been edited for brevity and content...to protect the innocent (him) ...and the idiotic (me)....and with added post chat commentary.

A certain someone cornered me on messenger:
(You know who you are, you Montreal Minx.)

M: hey!! lol
M: there are some of us readers who are STILL waiting to know what u did....A,B,C or D lol
M: cough it up gf
S: lmao
S: Hello M, mon amie!
M: quit hedging
(oops she's onto me...)
S: oh geez woman
M: I am a woman on a mission
S: so i see
S: you were correct my dear
S: i swear you know me too well
M: omg , slap
M: lol
S: I phoned his office the following morning on the pretense of having lost an earring
S: yes i know
S: i am hopeless
(lame-ass more like, on the spur of the moment I described the earring as a gold hoop. How the heck do you loose a hoop?? Doh! I don't lie well on the spot.)
M: so did he get a hint?
M: or did u get a dumb secretary
S: amazing how everyone said option A....but not a single comment from any of the guys
S: dumb secretary
S: sigh
M: dang!!
M: so u will see him again?
S: a friend at work suggested that even if he WAS interested ...which we dont know that he is ....he might not be allowed to date a client...conflict of interests
S: he would have to drop me as a client first
(this is me justifying why I am correct for not pursuing it further)
M: oh poppy cock
S: yes i will deffinitely see him again
S: which in hind sight maybe it's a good thing i didn't ask him out
(See how I am looking for an escape route here?)
S: imagine how awkward it would have been if he either had in fact been married or if he said no
(Just who am I trying to convince here? M. or myself??)
M: if thats the case, no big deal, one bridge at a time...don't just sluff it all off so easily, its to CONVENIENT SUE...
(Yep, she can read me like a book)
S: sigh
M: all he can say is NO THANKS... end of story
S: i know
(why does she have to make it sound so easy?)
M: move on, same ole same ole
S: you make it sound so easy
(I just said that...oh never mind)
M: if u must, wait till next time u have to see him...try to work it into the convo,
(Work it into the convo?? Oh sure, it will just naturally pop up.)
S: ok
M: but dont just close the door..then wonder what if
(but "what if''s" make for great long cold winter evening rehashing and beating to death material!)
M: do I have to go over there ? lol
(Sure...come ask him out for me...it will be just like high school. "My friend likes you." Life was so much easier back then.)
S: i checked with a couple of guys at work (just to get a male perspective) as to what they would think of a woman reversing the traditional roles and asking them out for once ...and they all loved it
M: I have heard the same over and over again myself from men
S: hmmm
S: i just have to summon the nerve lol
(The words "freezes when over" and "hell" spring to mind - not necessarily in that order.)

October 19, 2006

What would you do?

Late summer.
Telephone conversation with a local businessman. Conversation flows easily, once business has been concluded we engage in a little small talk and he tells me on several occasions what a pleasure it is to speak to me and how much he has enjoyed our conversation.

[I must add this was all said in a total non-slimey-car-salesman kinda way, he seemed quite genuine and he was not trying to either sell me anything or win my business.]

I am somewhat used to reactions like this on the telephone. I am a broadcaster by profession and my accent/voice is regularly complimented on. I enjoy the glow of the mild flirtation and the satisfaction that I've still "got it".


Early fall.
I have an appointment with the same local businessman, we have never previously met, but recalling our previous interaction I am curious.

He meets me in the reception area and shakes my hand, standard practice, tells me how good it is to meet me. I am mentally thinking the same, he's an absolute cutie. Advises me he will be with me as soon as he can (I am early for my appointment).

He returns minutes later, shakes my hand a second time, yes, it's still good to meet me...and leaves again.

Moments later for the third time he returns and holds out his hand, I automatically and instinctively take it again...and both of us realise at this point that this is a tad overkill on the hand shaking ritual, but he seems very sweet, attentive and almost fawning.

I am shown into his office and the business at hand is undertaken. At the conclusion of business he engages in a little small talk, nothing earth shattering but we manage to milk it for several more minutes. I notice he doesn't appear to wear a wedding band, but there is a photograph of a small girl on an adjacent credenza. I assume it's his daughter.

He walks me out of his office, across the reception and to the outer door, another hand shake - an "extreme pleasure", blah, blah.

I leave his office feeling almost giddy, I can't decide if it's the attraction or the flirtation that is so intoxicating. Either way I would definitely like to see him again...

In my position what would you do?

a) Oh my god, grow a pair, you are not 16. Call him and ask him out for coffee. It's perfectly OK for women to ask men out nowadays...and they actually like it.

b) Call his office later on the pretense of a lost/forgotten item (umbrella/earring)...and hope he takes the hint to ask you out. The modern day "dropping of the hankie" in hopes that he will retrieve and return it.

c) Do nothing, if he is interested he will call. Men (in their 40's) still want to maintain the traditional roles and may feel emasculated or threatened by a forwardly aggressive female.

d) Run for the hills girl, he is a total wacko with a hand shaking fetish.

Added points for guessing what I did.

October 16, 2006

stuff i nicked

1. A Cuddler? Yes and no. I don't mind a wee cuddle ..but I hate feeling suffocated by clinging people who constantly have to touch and paw. Gimme space!
2. A morning person? Unfortunately...in a bright eyed, bushy tailed, angonizingly perky kind of way...yes.
3. Are you a perfectionist? Ummm...I dunno. Sometimes? Probably not - define perfectionist.
4. An only child? Yes, just me growing up, but I discovered I have two younger half sisters when I was in my mid 20's.
5. Catholic: No, plain old Church of England here. No fancy swinging incense or dark confessionals...or pervy priests.
6. In your pajamas? Nope, blue jeans, blue t-shirt, blue cardigan...pink fluffy slippers (they bring out my eyes).
7. Currently suffering from a broken heart? Nope - all fixed ta. The cracks hardly show. (convincing? No, I didn't think so).
8. Okay styling other people's hair? Huh? I used to have a "Girls World" head when I was growing up if that counts.
9. Left handed? Actually yes, I am a south paw. We're more artistic apparently.
10. Addicted to MySpace? Nope...addicted to Blogger.
11. Shy around the opposite gender? Depends...is it someone I fancy and am trying to impress? In which case...yes...duh!
12. Loud? Depends on alcohol units consumed.

12. Bite your nails? I used to when I was a young thing...then I discovered the pampering luxury of professional manicures.
13. Get paranoid at times? Nah, not paranoid, got a whacking great inferiority complex, but definitely not paranoid.
14. Currently regret something that you have said/done? Nope, nothing springs to mind...ahhhh the advantages of middle-aged forgetfulness.
15. Curse frequently when you get mad? At work - like a sailor. At home - hardly ever.
16. Enjoy country music? Yehaw! Absolutely.
17. Enjoy jazz music? Developing a definite liking (Michael Buble, Diana Krall)
18. Enjoy smoothies? I honestly have never had one. I'd personally prefer a milkshake to be honest. I am not big on "bits" in my drinks.
19. Enjoy talking on the phone? Not as much as I used to...maybe if there was someone "special" to natter with, but after spending all day on the phone at work - rabbiting on the phone at home doesn't rate too high right now.
20. Have a lot to learn? I generally wing it.
21. Have a pet? Two feline goddesses.
22. Have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" person? All the bloody time.
23. Have all your grandparents died? Yes - parents too. I miss mum more than words can say.
24. Have at least one sibling? See previous question #4.
25. Have been told that you are smart? Yes. Don't shatter my last illusion of grandeur, please.
26. Have had a broken bone? Yes, and managed to simultaneously dislocate my shoulder in a rather magnificent half gaynor from the shed roof.
27. Have Caller I.D. on your phone? Yes, both landline and cellular - no bugger calls though.

28. Changed a diaper? Yes, tons of steaming, stinking piles of 'em.
29. Changed a lot over the past year? Are we still talking about diapers? Cos the answer is no.
30. Had friends who have never seen your natural hair colour? Nope, they all know I am a gingernut.
31. Had surgery? Yes.
32. Killed anyone? Nope.
33. Had your haircut within the last week? Nope.

1. Slept in the bed beside you? Do either of the feline goddesses count?
2. Saw you cry? Ummmm...see feline goddesses again. They are the keepers of my darkest secrets.
3. Went to the movies with you? That fella I didn't feel the zing with.
4. You went to the mall with? I normally go by myself- and then for as short a time as possible.
5. You went to dinner with? The boy.
6. You talked to on the phone? The boy - again.
7. Said 'I love you' to you and meant it? The last person who said that to me and meant it...in the love/sex sense of the word...rather than the love/family sense of the word? Oh fuck. That was probably "Biff" (circa 1993-1999)...OK, shutup...you can stop laughing now.
8. Broke your heart? Over love? "Biff" 1999 Over a crush? "Maybe" 2005
9. Made you laugh? The guys at work last night. We were getting goofy seeing as it was our last night in for night shift.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? Nose - if I had to choose. I don't find it classy or refined on a woman of my age. It's something teenagers should do...and grow out of.
2. Be serious or be funny? I would rather be seriously funny.
3. Drink whole or skim milk? Skim is better for me...but full cream milk does taste better in my coffee.
4. Die in a fire or drown? Drowning apparently is one of the most painful ways to die, but either would probably be excruciating. I assume drowning would be faster.
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents - duh!

1. What time is it? 3pm-ish
2 Name? Susan
3. Nickname(s)? Haven't had a nickname since schooldays.
4. Where were you born? Canada
5. What is your birthdate? January 1967
6 What do you want? Lotsa money, to be considered a wanton sex goddess (worshipped and adored accordingly)...and a lifetime supply of Dairy Milk.
7. Where do you want to live? Would love to move back home to England. (Sometimes you have to leave "home" in order to know where "home" really is).
8. How many kids do you want? I have 1...that's enough, I'm not "mumsy" enough for more.

October 13, 2006

October Snowstorm

Just south of the border they are shovelling out today in Buffalo, N. Y. and have declared a state of emergency. A rare early October snowstorm has left over 60cms of snow in Buffalo...and up to 30cms in parts of Southern Ontario. Environment Canada has described the wintry blast as "significant snowfalls of historic proportions.'' Over 1/4 million homes are without power due to downed powerlines and in some cases there is no running water. They are estimating people will be out of power for 4-5 days whilst crews struggle to get the lines repaired.


Read the full news report here.

And this has to be my favourite photo


....see the rest here.

October 12, 2006

Bloody nora...already?

Woke up this afternoon (nightshift) to discover that we had our first snow flurries in the city today.


And so it begins.

I used to absolutely love the snow - in part due to the fact that I grew up in an area of England that is protected by the Pennines and snow fall was neglible. We could count the number of times it snowed a year on one hand, and if the snow actually covered the lawn, without blades of grass poking through it was a total event. Blizzard even! Derby snow however never lasted more that a couple of days, and then life could continue on as usual. I loved the snow! It would generate the kind of excitement inside me that makes small dogs pee on the spot. (There's a nice visual for you.) As kids we'd pray for enough snow to at least make a small snowman without having to nick snow off the neighbour's lawn too.

Then I moved to Canada.

October 10, 2006

Where have our leaders gone?

A very good friend dropped by the other day for a cup of tea and a catch up chat. We share a mutual friend who's husband serves on the executive of my union at work. This is an election year and he is running again - this time for a new position. He has my vote, he is a good man - the sort who would give you the shirt off his own back if he thought it would help. I expressed my concerns to my friend over tea however, that he might not be successful in his bid. Yes, he's a great guy, but his campaign so far has been pretty lack lustre and uninspiring. His election speech basically consisted of a few guffaws and a "golly gee heck you all know me so please vote!"

The topic moved onto politics in general though and we were both in agreement that there are no real leaders out there anymore...or at least none that are effectively getting their message across. The art of public speaking has sadly died in the last 40 years. Think of all the major world leaders over the last century - the ones that could whip a crowd into a frenzy of excitement and who could rally a nation. They could all give us goose bumps with a spoken word. Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler (despite everything he was a talented orator), Dr. Martin Luther King, JFK, Robert Kennedy...the list dries up for me sometime during the 1970's. Men who spoke of having a dream, of fighting on the beaches, and asked us not what our country could do for us, but...

Where are those leaders today? Where are the men (and women) with good hearts and ideals, who will muster our support and loyalty. Sadly the only "speeches" that raise the hairs on the back of my arm these days come from snake-oil infomercial salesman, the best presidential speeches I have heard in a long time have been given by Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas

Canada's current Prime Minister is Steven Harper....I don't think I would even recognise his voice if I heard it, never mind any notable quotes.

Previous Prime Minister Jean Cretien? I could scarely understand a word he ever spoke.

Most notable quote of the Clinton administration? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Most notable quote from Bush's Presidency? Egads...so much comic relief there, who knows where to start?

October 8, 2006

After dinner conversation

Dinner was delicious. Well, by my standards at any rate. The turkey was a little dry - I am so paranoid about food being fully cooked that I guess I overdid it a little. The boy (bless his cotton socks) tells me that's why we have gravy.

Our Thanksgiving dinner tradition is to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. This year with just the boy and I at the table it didn't take long for us both to find something to be thankfsul for. The new house naturally! It dawned to me that after today, I will have just one more Thanksgiving meal to cook in this house.

So whilst I finish the wine - well it's open already, we can't waste it - and the dish washer is swooshing away in the background, let's have a little relaxed after dinner chit chat. (Yes, she's in a talkative mood and is already halfway through a full bottle of red).

More to follow...

1918hrs: Pleasant 20 minute chat with Maybe. He's still engaged to the lovely Sam and I am truly happy for them both. He however still loves to chat/cam with a variety of female friends. Call me cynical but I can't see him staying happily engaged for long if she ever finds out. And no, I am not one of his webcam buddies.

So speaking of exes...we were? Yes, we were. N. has moved in with his new girlfriend. He dropped the news to me in an email about a month ago. Yes, I am happy for him...but it did make me wonder briefly. We broke up at the end of May...and by early/mid September he was already dating and MOVED IN with a new girlfriend. Bloody hell. No moss growing under his feet eh? (before you start to do the math...that's less than 3 months).

1954hrs: Just thinking how nice it would be to snuggle up to someone right now and watch the telly - yes, it's the wine talking. Guess the cat will have to suffice. Speaking of telly I happened to catch the omnibus edition of Coronation Street this morning. I used to watch it religiously, but over the last 3 years I have fallen away from the church of Newton and Ridley. Today however...the birth of Sunita's twins (yes, we are behind in Canada...don't spoil the storyline)...I am suddenly feeling sucked in by those ancient cobblestones. Admittedly it's a soap - but it's a show that has been on the air since 1960....longer even than I have been alive (no comments from the peanut gallery) ...but it's a link to home for me and I need that so badly.

2024hrs: OK...break out the kleenex...my weepy moment of the week...Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. ...Wine is done...now on the voddy...more chatter to follow.

2130hrs: Moved onto Shallow Hal...seen it before, but I wanted something on the boobtube that didn't require any actual thought...and believe me this fits the bill. There are times I feel like Rosemary...just wish there was a Hal out there for me that could see beyond the fat.

2148hrs: OK...just me again. The boy got a piercing last night. He originally wanted to get his lip pierced...but personally I don't care for that look. It's too tacky for my tastes. So I suggested an eyebrow...not thinking that he would ever go for it...and he did. My goodness it really suits him to be honest, but I think what is blowing his mind more than anything is the fact that I am not freaking out over it. Personally....not that I would ever admit the same to the boy...I would love to get my nose pierced...but with this beak I don't think that would be a great idea. A 40 yr old with a nose piercing? Nah.

Did I mention he has a possible new girlfriend? They had their first date last night...and she's an older woman (23yrs)....so I have emphasised the need for safe sex...and he has rolled his eyeballs in the appropriate places.

2204rs: Jen and I hit the local country bar on Friday night. I was telling her I was seriously thinking of joining eharmony....but in truth I am trying to hold off...after all "normal" people surely must be able to meet new friends without resorting to coughing up the old credit card #. Alternatively my thinking is ...on a "paid site" obviously the members would be considered to be more serious/non-fickle. Thoughts?

As far as the bar is concerned...there was one fella I was talking to...then Jen asked him to dance. Grrrrr!

As to what else I am doing to meet new friends (ie: men) ...dance class....dismal failure...primarily female participants...thinking of joining "Toastmasters" group. Went to Chapters (notorious "pick up" book store)....didn't dare look at a single person who stood next to me...but found a number of books to add to my wish list. Hit Home Depot on Saturday...a) to check out possible new fridges/stoves for my new kitchen....and b) men for my new bedroom. Found a few possible new appliances....but nothing for bedroom decor.

2236hr: Watching a show basicallly entitled "Hastings -1066"...yes Shallow Hal didn't hold my attention...and after all...apparently Harold was a redhead. RAWR! *methinks my mr wonderful will need to be a history geek.*

October 6, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving weekend. By noon today the streets were already starting to fill with commuter traffic heading home, getting an early start on the holiday weekend. I picked up Thanksgiving groceries earlier in the week, so needless to say I am not disappointed in the least to not be battling the crowds or the huge lineups. We'll be holding our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday this year, as opposed to the traditional Monday feast. This time last year N. and I were on a mini-break getaway in Nashville, Tennessee, driving back in time to cook and serve a full turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day...wow, how the year has flown. This year it will just be the boy and I for dinner, as both of us are currently residents of Singleville. Regardless, we both have an abundance of things in our lives to be thankful for - not least of which, is each other. It's been a great year so far and as we enter into the start of the festive season, it promises to be an exciting period for us both.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends.

October 5, 2006

Signature Scent

For Jackie Onassis it was Joy. For Marilyn Monroe it was Chanel No. 5. Memorable women, wearing memorable fragrances.

I think I have been a perfume fan since I was a little girl sneaking a "dab" of my mother's Avon. As a teen my friends and I would love to hit the perfume counter at Boots. Here smell this...it's Anais Anais....2 inches higher? Oh that's Tweed. Up by my elbow? That's Navy! We'd walk away from the perfume counters enveloped in a cloud of cheap drug store perfumes by Lentheric feeling very chic and grown up.

Certain fragrances can bring back vivid memories. Panache and Pure Silk remind me of my mum. Charlie was a favourite of my ex mother-in-law. My first love wore Aramis, my ex husband wore Kouros, Biff and N. didn't wear cologne as I recall and Maybe wore Joop. The boy wears Old Spice - amazing how that ancient brand has had a revival in recent years, what next? Brut 65?

I am in the process of finding a new personal fragrance. Growing up my drugstore favourites included everything from Mystique to Charlie. When I got married my ex gave me Chanel Coco. In my 30's I moved onto Estee Lauder's Pleasures and Beautiful, Ralph Lauren's Romance, and Givenchy's Ysatis, to mention a few. Now I am looking for something new for my 40's. I don't think anyone will ever be able to find a particular fragrance and say "Oh this reminds me of Sue." I have switched and swapped so many times. Each fragrance represents a different time in my life and evokes a different memory. There really is nothing stronger than the sense of smell to conjour the earliest of memories, a variety of emotions, to set the blood coursing through your veins and raise the libido. I love it!

October 2, 2006


Well a brand new week...and I can hardly believe that it's October already. The temperature is certainly starting to drop, not as far as jackets and scarves yet, but certainly a nice warm, cosy sweater is called for if you have plans outside. My garden is still in bloom, but mixing with the leaves that have already started to fall from the trees, I know that this is just a last blast of colour before autumn well and truly moves in.

My weekend blues have been replaced with Monday morning optimism - admittedly last week's diet attempt was a dismal failure on the scales this morning. I am more inclined to believe that it was not so much my poor dietary choices through the week, but more biological...and the huge honking chocolate cake I baked and ate two slices of yesterday. Chocolate is good for the soul.

The concert Saturday night was fun, Terri was an absolute joy - although the crowd was certainly a lot more restrained than I was expecting. Concerts I have been to have involved rushing the stage for a better vantage point, dancing, singing along at the top of your lungs and generally having a good time. Canadian concert goers...well the ones at the show on Saturday for certain...are a lot better behaved. Admittedly the age range of the audience members may have something to do with it. They were a bunch of "stay in your seats and applaud politely at the end of each number" kinda folk. Not my types - unless we are attending a string recital or something equally staid.

Jen and I made it as close to the stage as we could...the concert hall security staff (all elderly retirees with matching waistcoats) were as strict as Victorian grandparents and would not let us through the barrier to the stage apron. Photography was also a huge "no-no". Jen was a total rebel however and managed to snap a couple dozen shots - grandma security guard was not impressed and scolded her repeatedly. It was comical. This 60-something security woman was literally shaking with rage over Jen's behaviour...at her side she pulled out her only weapon against such delinquent 40 year old whipper snappers...she pulled out the heavy artillery...her flashlight...full beam in the face. There! Let that be a lesson to you! We are such rebels.

I am still housebound...although I have great hopes that the boy's car will be ready today. Today though I am bound and determined there will be no tear-jerker movies, no moments of melancholy - but lots of "puttering around" before I head back to work tomorrow. Back on program...back on the diet...up the water consumption...and be ready for ballroom class # 3 tonight. After the merengue week 1... (which was a disaster) and the Cha-Cha week 2... (which was a total hoot) ...to tonight, week 3, where we are to learn (pause for dramatic effect)....the tango!

Rose clenched between teeth...
exit stage right.....
crash ...
bang ...