February 27, 2007

End of February?? Yikes!

February has blown by in a series of sweaty workouts (6 days a week and still going strong) and subzero temperatures (monthly average -10 with wind chills in the -20 ranges). I am soooo ready for spring I can't even begin to tell you. I have been so preoccupied with a series of would be suitors (gasp), life, work, my old Staff Sergeant leaving for a new post...and the arrival of a new Staff Sergeant, the boy starting night school 4 days a week, carpool drama and the ultimate death of said car pool, eating right etc. that I was literally shocked to realise that here we are at the end of February...and I haven't been blogging...

bad, bad, Suzie.

I promise March will be better.


moon said...

WB lol, and I know what u mean, Feb has been a world wind of stuff for me too. But just seemed to wiz by..yay for March...(monday is my bday lol)...when my bday comes, for me its also the end of the worst part of winter..and being on the right side of it all lol...sure we often get a few more snow storms and all but we are still on the right side of it lol. I look forward to spring!!!

I am so proud of you! You are doing awesome with your workouts...way to go gf!!!It will be so great to go into spring feeling fitter and better about yourself. I can't wait either.

Jay said...

What is this, 1914?
When do we get to hear more?

Jennyta said...

Nice that you're back blogging again, Sue. And I too am agog to hear more about said 'suitors.' :)

JustSue said...

Moonie...Early birthday greetings for Monday hun! >:D<

Jay...Guess I am an old fashioned kinda girl. What else would I call them? I'm not dating anyone...just in the talking stage. LOL I dunno...it's just nice to be noticed after all this time, so I am having fun flirting. :-)

Jenny...Be careful tossing words like "agog" around hun, or Jay will be tossing you into the early 1900's alongside yours truly! LOL

Tringle said...

naaaa you be getting some - that's why you've been neglecting us!!!

well at least i hope its not cos we smell!!!