February 4, 2007


Well the deep freeze has truely arrived here in Southern Ontario. Today's temperatures hovered around the -14 mark...and with the windchill it was -27. Definitely a day to stay indoors (for me at work, for the boy at home), stay warm and thank heaven above that we don't have a dog that demands walking or the need to leave the indoor warmth for longer than it takes to run to the car.

As of yet however...no major snow. We know it's just around the corner - that big wallop that will blanket everything. It's just a case of sitting and waiting. The forecasted 10-15cms for Friday evening into Saturday morning never materialised - thank heavens because it was my turn to drive the carpool into work.

In other news, the boy was let go from his job on Friday, along with 8 other agents and several supervisors. This on the heels of a larger layoff just before Christmas that he managed to avoid. So many of our call centre jobs now are going overseas to call centres in India. There was news before Christmas that the company he worked for hadn't been successful in securing a new contract and that there would be a mass lay off around March time. I guess they have started to make moves in that direction. Last in...first out.

Far from being despondent however, the boy is quite upbeat. He had an application into a major competitor immediately and is looking into going back to school. He is looking at this as a wake up call, he had settled into working for the past year and hadn't been thinking too seriously about the future. Well no further than which bar or club he and his friends would be frequenting the following weekend. If memory serves, at his age my view into the future wasn't much broader. :-) He has decided he will be taking two advanced courses either through summer school or night classes to allow him to apply to University as a mature student.

A fantastic opportunity ...and whilst he is still living at home with expenses at an absolute minimum, it makes perfect sense. He has already started looking into student loans. I glanced at the University prospectus he had and noted the 4 year degree he is contemplating, realising he could well end up 25 years old and still living at home.

Yes...well, I'll let that thought settle a little.

Romantically....sigh...well my life remains the same as always ...empty. There is/was a gentleman I had pitched my cap at. He loved to play hard to get...and I loved the chase. Funny how we are always attracted to "the bad boy" types....OK...funny how I am always attracted to the unattainable bad boy types. The more of an unfeeling cad he was...the more I wanted him. Typical. After our last date however, and now 5 days later, still waiting to have him call - other than brief MSN conversations - I have decided that he can go find someone else who wants to be his "Beck and Call Girl". Almost 2 months of flirting and phone calls down the drain...but c'est la vie.

Health wise my New Year's resolution to try and lose some weight appears to be sticking so far. Down 18lbs, and working out 5 days a week at the gym. One of my co-workers, a firefly of a 28yr old and soon to be new recruit for uniformed officer has decided to take me under her fitness wing and is encouraging me in my fitness goals. She sat and wrote out a routine for me today, which when I saw it I almost fell over laughing. 45 - 60 mins on the elliptical between levels 3-5...followed by an extensive free weights routine ...and her cool down - 50 sit-ups plus a dozen or so oblique crunches (that's a cool down??) Bloody hell.

So there you have it in a nutshell...aren't you glad I saved you all from the schoolgirl wailing and gnashing of teeth over "the Cad" waiting for him to call? I sure am!

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Moon said...

Whoo hooo personal trainer, u go gf!...As for the cold, I KNOW...sheesh...-30 today with windshield ..arg, Those groundhogs better be right..6 weeks less of this crap will make us all happier lol.