November 17, 2007

Flying the nest

It's been a while since I blogged anything substantial admittedly, but on the other hand pictures supposedly say a thousand words... cop out? Yeah, you're probably right.

One little (not so little) development here on the home front however is that the boy is getting ready to fly the nest. He has been offered a job out west and is leaving in 3 days to drive out to Alberta to start his new life. It's a fantastic opportunity, a supervisory position with one of the top hotels, comes with apartment/suite and meals, all set in the most picturesque of settings. I am thrilled for him and wish I'd had the same opportunities at his age.

It has taken a little while getting my head around the idea that my "boy" is leaving. When I cast my mind back however, I realise that at his age I was already married and pregnant, it does put things in perspective for me a little. I wholly endorse his getting out, seeing the world and having a few adventures before he gets tied down himself with family and responsibilities. But that doesn't mean I will miss him any less or worry any less.

My house is in upheaval as we sort through various things for him to take, pack mountains of clothes and try to anticipate what he might need out there. Because he will be living in the hotel he will not be able to take Cleo and she gets to stay home with me. She will be great company as I was somewhat shocked to realise that at the ripe old age of 40, I have never actually lived alone. I went from family, to room-mates, to boyfriend (who became husband), to just the boy and I. It will be a new experience for both of us.

So far emotionally I am holding up, but I am sure come Monday morning when I wave him off on his 4 day road trip across Canada, I will be a basket case.


Jennyta said...

I feel for you, Sue, You will miss him but, as you say, it's a great opportunity for him.

moon said...

Yes, it won't be easy, but u can be sure of one thing...You have given him the tools to be his own man...and have the confidence it takes to make this big step in his life...thats the best testiment to parenthood you could have wished for Sue...BRAVO..great job mom(and dad that you are also)
Now its time for you're new adventure of living a new and different life..and wow, have u ever started that on the best foot possible gf!!! With all the work u have done, the confidence u have only gets better from here!!!

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