July 16, 2006

Wise beyond years

The boy got his wisdom teeth taken out this week at the dentist. (Yes, that dentist - sigh) Sadly I had to work, so couldn't be on-hand to take care of the patient - thankfully he has a loving girlfriend who happily stepped into the role of Florence Nightingale. She sat and waited the hour it took for all the extractions and drove his drowsy, groggy ass home when he was through. On the way they picked up his prescription for painkillers, she gave him a bouquet of balloons to cheer him up, made a dozen single servings of jello, and picked up a couple of movies at Blockbuster. What a great girl!

I was very grateful that she was there - as I had a funeral to rush to straight from work. One of my very best girlfriends - a cadet mom - lost her father-in-law at the end of last week. Sadly this is the third male family member she and her sons have lost in the last 18 months. First her husband after a brave battle with cancer. A year later her father, and now her father-in-law. I needed to be there for her, if only briefly.

The rest of the week was busy with work and trying to stay cool in this heat. I don't mind the heat so much as the humidity. I've pretty much give up worrying about my hair and makeup in this weather. Spend 20- minutes taming my hair, just to have it frizz up like a wild bush woman the minute I step out the door, and the makeup melts and just slides off my face...yuk. So I am afraid folks are just gonna have to get used to me "au naturel" until the weather breaks - or winter...whichever comes first.

Friday night the boy and I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest". Excellent movie, although I do recommend that you see the first movie before going to see the sequel. Too many character and story tie-ins - especially at the very end.

Saturday J. and I headed to Peterborough to see Emerson Drive in concert and then camp overnight with some folks she knows from the singles parties in our area. Nice group of people, total party animals - and definitely not my type. Oh well, made for an interesting night out that's for sure.

I have come to the decision I like all aspects of camping with the exception of four.
1. the damp/dew - ewwww just gross walking across the campsite at night or first think in the morning and everything is wet and damp.
2. the bugs - they look at me and think filet mignon I swear!
3. the dirt - I hate feeling grimey.
4. Washroom facilities - or lack thereof.

I have decided in future I'll go for the day - enjoy the campfire, the stars, roasting weenies and singing corny campfire songs...and then head home to my own clean shower and bed!

Two more days off before I head back into work - but it's too hot and humid to do anything other than sit and try not to melt. I really should go wash and vac my car - but just the thought of anything more strenuous than sitting at this keyboard has be perspiring already. If I had a swimming pool and a vat of SPF500 to dip myself in, I'd be out there floating on a lilo or something equally cooling. At the moment even the thought of just dowsing myself with the garden hose is starting to sound appealing!


Lou Lou said...

living in the hot hot hot for at least 9 months of the year i've learnt to miminise makeup
eyelashes get dyed - also saves embaressing panda eye incidents at the beach
hair gets left wet in the am, but covered in anti frizz serum
lip glass, and a little clinique nude blush and voila

moon said...

First..I have never heard of dyed eyelashes lou lou..eyebrows yes but not the lashes. I wear mascara rarely...it bugs my eyes, so only special occasions...last time was my wedding last month lol, before that was....I can't remember.
Second..I can totally relate Sue..My hair looks like I licked my finger and put it in an electical socket when the humidity gets to it..and just the thought of makeup ack!..as I type this, I thank the gods for my A/C..it is currently 44C with the humidex...in other words GASTLY!!Even the dogs refuse to go outside...and they are shaved lol...as much as I hate the harsh winters, I hate this kind of heat aswell...winter u dress warmer, heat like this, u cant get more naked if u tryed lol

JustSue said...

I haven't had my eyelashes dyed since the 80's. I really should get it done again, because my eyelashes are blonde and practically invisible.

Yep Moonie...you really can get them done!

Lou-Lou...where exactly are you? Know you are from the UK originally..but just curious as to where you moved to.

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