July 3, 2006


No, not me!

I got a phone call from Maybe in England yesterday. Despite the disaster of our meeting last year, and my subsequent broken heart, we have kept in touch. He quickly brought me up to date, telling me that he and his new girlfriend (of 2 months) have gotten engaged.

You could've knocked me down with a feather.

As I listened to him though, I started to wonder where his head - or for that matter his heart - is at. He said that they decided to get engaged on a whim. A case of "why not!"

I guess there was nothing on tv that night. [miaow]

He even admitted that they are still finding out about each other, still learning (not that learning about your partner in a relationship ever ends, I hasten to add). They figured they would get engaged...whilst they decided if they want to get married. Thankfully they have decided to hold off on any upcoming nuptials, until he is finally out of the army in the next 5 years and until her children are finished school. A lot can happen in 5-plus years.

This is his 3rd engagement - hopefully 3rd time will be a charm. I truly wish them well, although even the romantic in me is skeptical.

And me? Yes, there was a brief wave of wistful self-pity - but in truth I am soooooo over him!



Jennyta said...

Congratulations on being over him, Sue. It's easier said than done.

JustSue said...

So true Jenny, but I finally realised a few months ago that I had finally let go. No butterflies and no "what if's" going through my mind. In fact being able to see him now without the benefit of the rose coloured glasses I can certainly see where he was not the man for me - and how if we had ended up in a long term relationship that I would have been just perpetuating the same mistakes of old all over again. It was quite liberating!

moon said...

YAY! BOUT BLOODY TIME LOL... So glad u came to that conclusion. If I was a betting woman, I would put money on the fact that his fickle spirit will not last engaged for 5 yrs lmao

Shannon said...

I'm with Moonie on this one, glad to hear your head is in the right place, right on top of your shoulders where it should be.

Save your heart for someone more deserving.