July 30, 2006

I know I haven't posted in a while...

...but I have kind of been holding back waiting for some news to come in.

Life here at Chez Sue is good. The summer so far has been gloriously hot and sunny, work has been busy - and I got recognised for another award (if never rains, but it pours).

On the love front, nothing new to report I am afraid. The gentleman whom I met for coffee (a month ago) and I finally made arrangements to go on a date last Friday....but I cancelled. He's not the one for me, there was now zing...no chemistry...and on reflection it seem silly to continue - best to quit now before feelings come into play, and people get hurt.

My social schedule for the next couple of months is packed. Pool parties, bbq's, house warmings, day trips to Niagara, concerts...the list goes on. Be sure to check back throughout August and September...I will endeavour to update more often!

That's the end of this Suzie update...I now return to my previous waiting...waiting for news to come in.

(I swear this has been the longest weekend of my LIFE! GAH!!!)

Post Script:

....it's Sunday 849pm and I am crying....

....Yes, it's Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. I am such a SAP!!!!! *sniff*


Shannon said...

So what more have you found out about the townhouse? I'm dying to know!

moon said...

OMG ..Chris and I both cry when we watch that show lol...we are all a bunch of wusses.
Still waiting with bated breath here too.