September 25, 2006

Autographs later, dahhhhhlinks

This morning arrived far too early and I was stumbling from the coffee shop, heading into work when I was stopped in the parking lot by a radio reporter armed with a tape recorder, who was looking for public reaction to a local scandal. Actually it was a news item that I hadn't heard - apparently there is a plaza, an apartment building and a group of residential houses locally where they have discovered their waste is not hooked up to the sewer system but has been pouring directly into a local doubt for years. Gross. I honestly don't remember what I said to him, I remember being suitably alarmed and concerned blah blah blah. Whatever I did say however must have given the reporter a few good sound bites as he thanked me profusely, telling me I was a "total doll". Knowing my luck in my caffeine deprived state I probably screamed to march on city hall and stringing up the chief engineer...who knows! Fortunately I was working all day and I don't listen to this particular local radio station. Hopefully very few people that know me or may recognize my voice do either.


Josh Houghtelin said...

Hahaha. News reporters are crazy no matter how they come. Since I run elections in the US here I've been aproached more times then I can think. I have completely stopped answering all questions though. I hate how they take the sound or video bytes of what you say and turn it into what they want to be projected regardless of where you actualy stand.

Atleast that is how they do it in elections.

JustSue said...

So true Josh...thankfully no-one at work has mentioned recognising me yet - assuming my comments made it to air. Ironically it's the same radio station my ex "Biff" used to work for. (Hence why it's not one I listen to anymore - the risk of catching his show - way too hurtful). He's since moved on to be a big cheese for a satellite radio company.