September 12, 2006

I need a maid

Night shift is finally over - thank heavens - my cold appears to have dried up - double thank heavens and now life can hopefully get somewhat back to normal.

I have a couple of days off before I have to start day shift, but as of right now, I haven't decided what to do with my day. There is laundry to put through the washer, carpets to hoover and toilets to scrub - but I am still summoning the enthusiasm.

Alternatively my new contacts are ready for pick-up at the optician's, and I still have yet to pick out frames for a new pair of glasses. I have papers to drop off at the lawyer's office, and hopefully set up an appointment to draw up my will. And if I am out at the lawyer's office that means driving by the building site (unavoidable I am afraid) to see if there is any sign of work starting yet.

H'mmm decisions, decisions.

I am definitely in the mood to be outdoors today, not cooped up inside pushing a vacuum cleaner around that's for sure. (surprise, surprise) The final few days of summer have intermingled with the first few days of autumn. The nights are much cooler with temperatures dropping into single digits - for the first time in months I have turned off the fan in the bedroom. The days are still warm with watery sunshine; definitely time to start pulling out the old cardigan. My garden is in a final blaze of glory, but if you look closely the signs of autumn decay are already starting to show.

Screw the housework. Decision made.

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