September 24, 2006

House news update

My field is still a field and has yet to progress to mound of dirt status - but the builder has indicated that they will be breaking ground - putting in service roads etc - this fall, before the snow flies and the ground freezes. I am not an expert in construction obviously, but I doubt there will be anything much to see before next spring, when the ice and snow are finally gone.

This at least is giving me loads of time to save my money, make a few plans and make a few decisions. With all the overtime I have been working lately we are halfway to the bathroom upgrade. I'm technically on holidays from work (again) this coming week, although after signing up for 5 overtime shifts you'd be forgiven for not realizing it. I worked a 7 hour shift yesterday, with another one lined up for today and then 3 x 8-hour shifts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My aim is to have the "Oasis" fully paid for in cash by the end of October. Fingers crossed - we are well on target at the moment.

I dropped by Home Depot to check out prices on stoves and fridges the other day. Doesn't hurt to daydream a little and see what's available out there. I am mulling over the idea of getting a natural gas cooker. I always cooked with gas back home, but since I have been in Canada we've only ever had electric. In fact to be honest, I don't even know anyone who uses gas here. It's a decision I will need to make soon though, because the builder will need to include a gas line in the kitchen for stove hook up. It's not considered a "standard" - more money, more money.


Josh Houghtelin said...

Gas stoves scare me. Well. I don't cook anything but aside from the crazy couging gas prices do to me in the winter (I unfortunately have gas furnace) I despise gas. lol.

I always thought those completely smooth glass ranges were the most awsome stoves! Those ones that kindof just have the circles etched into the glass top a little bit. Veeerry cool.

JustSue said...

Yes, I know the stoves you are referring to, and if I do end up going with electric I will probably go with the flat glass topped variety. Certainly easier to keep clean.

Anyone else have an opinion? C'mon guys..we haven't even started yet...just wait til I expect you all to help me pick out tile, carpet and cabinets! LOL