April 23, 2007

House delays....

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that my new house has been delayed before we have even broken ground. The builder claims delays "from the town" on various items have pushed back the completion date. By the time we finally get our new place it will have been almost 2 years from when I first signed the purchase agreement. The land was supposed to be serviced last November...they are hoping to have it done before the end of this month. Although this is very disappointing there are however a few positives to this delay:
  • My closing date has now been moved from January 2008 to May 2008 - therefore I won't be trying to move in sub-zero ice storms.
  • More time to save for various upgrades.
  • By the time we finally move in the property will have accrued 2 years of equity from the time I signed the purchase agreement - and it hasn't cost me a bean.
  • The builder is offering a 10% discount on all upgrades to make up for the delay.
It still doesn't make up for the fact that I am disappointed and May 2008 feels like an eternity away. *sigh*


Jay said...

It is disappointing, but you know, at least you can see the good side of things. There's almost always a good side.

moon said...

I was upset for u too but as u previously pointed out the positives, its all good and winter moves in Canada are horrible...u will be moving in spring, how exciting and fitting in a way...you will blossom with your new home as spring blossoms with everything fresh and new.