April 20, 2007

Postives and negatives

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I appear to have gotten sucked into that latest "crack" of the internet known as face book. I can't even remember how it started, but now two months later, I am seriously wondering where it's all going to end! I have one 'blog buddy' on my list so far (thanks Josh!) so come on the rest of you. You know you wanna!

On the plus side I have gotten back in touch with a few friends from my years with "Biff". One girlfriend in particular I was thrilled to hear from...and 2 hours later when we finally hung up the telephone, it truly felt that we had never been out of touch in all that time.

I received an unsolicited message from a guy who works for the same organization as I do...and two weeks later we are planning a second date this weekend. He's a cop, young (don't ask), hotter than h*** and Irish (well we can't all be perfect). ;)

On the negative side (well that's debatable...but I have a feeling this will all end in tears). The boy received an unsolicited message from his father's wife. This is the first contact regarding him in over 15yrs. She found him on face book and sent a few inquiring messages to establish identity.

The boy's emotions have ranged from excitement to pure rage, so I have no idea how this is going to go. What do you say to the deadbeat father who walked out of your life 15 years ago and never so much as phoned, paid a dime or even sent a birthday card in all that time? Well I guess we will find out tonight...he's supposed to be phoning this evening.


moon said...

WOW! cant wait to hear how date 2 goes, way to go gf! Have fun.

As for your son's father...All I can say is how can any parent just walk away. Not keep in touch, not contribute to his life emotionally or monatarily. What kind of excuse could justify that? really?....The up side is, that your son has had the benefit of a great mom who was able to provide and nuture to the fullest, BRAVO!!...He has and will continue to be the man u will be proud of...by no help from the father figure.
I can understand him being curious and wanting something from his father, who wouldnt, but as u say, it will be an up and down rollercoaster of feelings to deal with. Good luck with that to u both my friend. I sincerely hope this becomes a positive in his life.

Snowbabies said...

Gosh Sue, hope the phone call ends up with a positive note and not a negative - good luck on your date, hope you have a fantastic time :-)


JustSue said...

Well so far all seems to be going well. They have been texting, emailing and the phone call lasted over an hour. The next step will obviously be the reunion.

I don't generally hold much stock in psychics but I saw one in 2002 - and she predicted my son's father would be back in his life in his late teens (the boy turned 19 last December), that the boy shouldn't expect a "father-son" relationship...and that his father wouldn't be around for long before he got tired of the whole "parent" role and disappeared again. I didn't pay much attention to her reading at the time, but kept the cassette tape and played it back again yesterday for the first time in years. So far on all her other predictions she has been spot on. (My dad's death, work and promotions, and a few other things). Gave me goosepimples at any rate.

The date tonight I am more nervous about than the first date. Just my usual self doubts. I'll keep ya posted.

Josh Houghtelin said...

I signed up to facebook but still don't really know how to use it. Found a bunch of friends on there though. ^_^ Thanks for the invite.

I was a couple months shy of 21 years old when I met the male half of my blood. It's good to know (have a good feel of) history and background but blood alone doesn't magically create a bond worth having. At least that seems to be how it is for me. Some people fade away just as fast as they arrive.

JustSue said...

The "reunion" was last night (unbeknownst to me at the time). Seems everything went well, they had dinner, a few beers etc. My ex husband's memory on a few of the key points in our past seem a little askew from my own version, but the boy has a good head on his shoulders and I have faith he can sort through the chaff.