April 8, 2007

Lock, stock and treadmill

Well I'm not supposed to be sitting at the computer at this precise moment. In fact right now, (looks at wrist watch), I should be sweating away on the elliptical after finishing my weight routine at the gym. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the gym this morning I was greeted by at least 4 tractor trailers, multiple police cars, security and the Sheriff.

Turns out my gym has been closed/evicted by the landlord. No doubt the tractor trailers will be loaded with all the equipment in lieu of payment. I wandered up to the door from the parking lot, all wide-eyed (especially after I saw the police cars) my first thoughts being that there must have been a break-in or something overnight to one of the neighbouring shops (my gym is in a strip plaza). I spotted the eviction notice pasted on the door around about the same time as I was approached by the Sheriff.

I am so guilty of stating the obvious with my, "Oh, are they closed then?" (10/10 to the redheaded rocket scientist). The Sheriff confirmed my suspicions (I should've been a detective) and said the landlord had ordered the gym owners out. My earth shattering 6 o'clock newsworthy response? "Oh bugger!"

So RIP Roo's Fitness, you were my gym for the past 3 years and thankfully I only had just over 2 months left on my membership, so I don't feel too ripped off. Yesterday had been business as usual, with no hint of anything in the offing. As I left yesterday I even confirmed with the receptionist what their hours of operation were today seeing as it's Easter Sunday - oh yeah, happy Easter everyone - (although I don't think the Sheriff normally announces his intentions ahead of time when he's coming to kick you out, for fear you'll do a moonlight flit with any valuable chattels).

So now I am gym-less - which is a major kick-in-the-pants set back. On the plus side the weather is getting better outside. I will be watching to see if any of the big box gyms step in to take over the facility, as has happened recently in Southern Ontario with a major chain-gym. I also happen to have two very good friends who work part-time for Goodlife Fitness. One is a receptionist and the other was just hired and completed her personal trainer certification.

I did notice a Goodlife Fitness mini van parked in the lot as I drove away. I wondered briefly if they were there because a) they are taking over b) they are signing up old Roo's members or c) they are just vultures watching the local competitor in his final death throes. I wasn't curious enough however to go back and check them out...although I did wish that I'd had my camera with me.

Edit: So I sat here twiddling my thumbs for an hour or so and then decided to head over to the gym again (this time with camera, but sadly all the mayhem had calmed down and photos of trucks parked at shipping doors just doesn't convey much.) I did however pull up next to the Goodlife minivan and a cute perky little blonde thing (oh god I hate her already) hopped out to come and talk to me. She's the Goodlife district manager and it turns out "yes" Roo's has gone under and "yes" Goodlife are taking over the space.

OMG can I call them or what??

Goodlife will honour all Roo's memberships over the summer months (yay!) and they hope to reopen Thursday once they have their own equipment installed. In the meantime they will honour all Roo's membership cards at any of their facilities - the nearest Goodlife to me is only a few minutes up the road, but the only one near here open today (Easter Sunday) is two towns over in Oshawa. Considering I haven't a clue where in Oshawa it is, and the town is notorious for it's one-way system to confuse the bejesus out of motorists, I think I will take this day to mourn the passing of Roo's and tackle the new gym question tomorrow. All being well I will be back in the old Roo's facility on Thursday.


moon said...

Its kinda funny that the put a perky little blonde to be the vulture of death, haha...u know what I mean
Atleast u can go back to your gym...I know how fast it would be to lose the umpff...if u have a reason to not go, so glad u can go back.
I havent been on my treadmill for too long..with this bought of broncitis and sinus'...I will have to wait till I can breath better, in order not to kill myself with a weasing lung colapse lol,

KayJay said...

I go to the same gym and from what I was told they are not honoring Roo's memberships. They are just letting us start a new membership now and delay payment until September. The year will run out next april at this time. You got off easy with only 2 months left. My son and I payed for a full year on Feb 1st $800 and got just under 3 months b4 they took off with the cash!! At least it is warming up and we can get outside for excercise

JustSue said...

Ouch KayJay! Sorry to hear you lost so much money. You could try to get some of it back through the small claims court...but to be honest I don't know how successful that will be. The bigger fish will get a bite at any money left first...and only the crumbs to us little fishes.

From what I understand about GoodLife's rates as well is that you can pretty much double what you paid at Roo's to join Goodlife. Thanks for the info though, I will definitely look into it. Cheers!

Snowbabies said...

Do what we do sue have a mini gym in your home!

Update on the weight lost please, I have stuck for the 4th week in a row @ 84lbs and it aint moving, back at the hospital on monday for me check up, wonder what the hospital scales say?

PS try swimming its fantastic for you tum hips and bum and every other part of your body come to think of it!!


Anonymous said...

Kayjay, also sorry to hear about your predicament. My spouse & I almost got caught in the same situation. Took a 2 month trial membership and after the two months were up, Roo's charged my credit card (without my authorization) for a months fee. When I confronted them on it, they kept saying that the document I signed (not completed) was for a 1-year membership. Eventually sent them a letter outlining the situation and asking for the return of my funds or future action would be taken. As of today, have not heard anything and now I do not think I will.

JustSue said...

I talked to my girlfriend who is a receptionist at another GoodLife location. Seems they are offering 1 month's free membership for any Roo's members that have 3 months prepaid. I think you do have to sign up with them to get the free month however. I don't know where that will leave KayJay. If you are still reading drop me a line and let me know!

Even with my "corporate" discount GoodLife will be approximatly $300 more per year for me compared to ol' Roo's - so I am holding off on signing up just yet.

Thankfully 85% of my weight routine uses free-weights not machines - so I have decided to give Debbie's suggestion of trying the "home gym" option. So far so good, but I do miss my cardio workout. We had snow flurries this morning - so needless to say I haven't been out pounding the pavement yet - a few more weeks though I will be down on the Lakefront Trail where they have a 5km stretch marked off that runs along the shoreline.

Debbie: Progress has slowed a tad, but I am still on track. 35lbs since January. Told you before you were my inspiration on this journey, and I am thrilled with how well you have done. Congrats!

JustSue said...

OK, well since the last post above I have bitten the bullet and joined GoodLife. The deal they are offering for old "Roo's" members wasn't too bad. Free until September and then the fees kick in. The fee they are offering Roo's members is $1 a month cheaper than my corporate rate. So my first year with GoodLife will work out to cost the same as Roo's...but next year obiviously, without the "free til September" deal, it will cost more.

I tried the gym at home routine and was exercising approximatly 50% less than I was at the gym...and I have only managed 2 cardio workouts since Easter due to weather and work commitments. At least now I am back with a gym and can get the show back on the road!