May 9, 2007

Checking in

I haven't posted much recently...frankly because there has been bugger all to tell to be honest. My life seems to be a roller-coaster at best and we are currently just doing that slow chug-chug to the top of the next big dip.

Life is just ticking along. Work is going well (I am on midnights this week...and to be honest my biggest challenge is figure out which day of the week it is when I wake up).

Starting this coming Sunday night we have 5 new trainees coming to the shift...and I have been strong armed into taking one of them. I've trained before...and hated it. Some people are born trainers/teachers, with the patience of Job himself. That however doesn't describe me. My one foray as a trainer several years ago was beyond stressful and I swore blind I would never do it again...however.... there is a promotional process due to start in the next year...and one of the "prerequisites" for promotion is that I have to have been an active trainer. Ergo if I plan on applying then I had best train a few calltakers. I feel sorry for my trainee...and hope the years have mellowed me a little that we can get through the next 5 weeks together intact and still on speaking terms at the end of it (unlike my last trainee).

The diet is still going strong, down a total of 43lbs now and working out every day - I'm still on track to meet my goal for Labour Day (first weekend of September) - so I am just ploughing on and loving the results so far.

From a "love life" perspective...h'mmmm. I am still seeing my little Irish cop from work - and he does make me smile - but I sense a certain "cooling off" period with him, so we will see where it goes. He's off to the States (DC) this weekend for the Police Memorial and then will be on leave for approximately 3 weeks, touring around, visiting cop friends, drinking copious amounts of beer etc. before finally making it back home to Canada. We'll see how things go whilst he is gone. Blogging about it period generally is the kiss of death on any of my relationships!

The boy is doing well (when I see him!) He's working hard, loving his new car and has quite the active social life. So far he hasn't met up with his father again, and has no immediate plans to do so - they seem to be content with the occasional email message or chatting on Facebook.

Spring has definitely sprung here in Southern Ontario...going from snow flurries and below zero temperatures just 2 weeks high 20's and our first Smog Alert of the year just yesterday. I am also sporting my first sunburn of the summer...pass the aloe.

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moon said...

You are doing so great with your workouts..I have no doubt u will attain your goals. As for the relationship...u will see, if after his (man) holiday, things pic up ..he's a smart man, if not, his loss lol, as simple as that.

No kidding about the weather , it's all or nothing, no transition at all lol. Today I have screendoor and windows open to try to get a breeze going..its hot as heck..and I just can't justify turning on the A/C ..after bitching about the winter so long lol. ARG
Hugs to u soon I hope.