July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

We took a drive out to Cobourg for their Waterfront Festival.

Canada Day 2007

The Cobourg Marina.

Canada Day 2007
The Beachfront

Canada Day 2007
The Midway - the smells from all the cotton candy and hotdog stands was overpowering.

Picture 027
Hope they didnt eat before getting on the ride. lol

Canada Day 2007

Picture 028
The Bandshell - various artists performing all day.

Picture 029
The audience.

Picture 031
Jen and I may have stopped a wee while here to watch. I took another shot to try and get the ball in the frame (a dismal failure) ...to which Jen asked innocently (wiping the drool off her chin).."Oh, they have a ball?"

Canada Day 2007
What a nifty way to get around! I bet one or two of these down at the Ex this summer would be very cool!! It has a little siren and flashing light at the front...which he kindly demonstrated for me (I did ask permission to take the photo)...apparently the top speed is 20kms/hr - but he didn't see the humour about being in a pursuit on it. (typical...only T.O. coppers have a sense of humour)

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