July 20, 2007

I wonder if I even have a 2B pencil?

It's been a busy few weeks - work has been busy (and stressful, but I wont go into that), and I have been working all kinds of overtime (yes, for the house). Which reminds me, I need to get out and take a few more pics of my dirt at some point :0)

The promotional process at work has started and I have submitted my resume and application...and am just waiting to hear if I have made the successful candidate list. Assuming I am...the study package will be available the first week of August...and the exam will be September 13th. I hate exams...never was very good at them. If (and it's a huge "if", because apparently it's a bastard of an exam) I pass, the interviews will be in October. They base their interviews on all that "I, I, I, me, me, me" stuff...and when you are a typically self-effacing Brit like myself those kind of statements seem so very alien, smug and downright unattractive. I am going to have to learn how to blow my own trumpet...and sound like I believe it.

My social life right now is it's usual sporadic array of nothing, nothing...busy, busy....nothing. My love life is beyond extinct and I believe it now qualifies for an archaeological dig.

My diet however, is continuing to plod along, as of this date I am down 57lbs and I am trying to "step it up" a little as I have become a little slack in my cardio workouts - hitting the gym only 3 times a week for my weights routine instead of 5-6 times a week with a combination of weights and cardio. I had a knee injury (ironically from over exertion on the treadmill) about 2 months ago. It took forever to heal and I never did get back to running. Originally my goal date was Labour Day weekend...and as of today I am going to be a little short of hitting that target - but not by much, if I step it up now through to the beginning of September. Either way, I will get there come hell or high water before Thanksgiving (Canadian).

I have holidays coming up at the beginning of August...19 days of rest and relaxation. No plans, no destinations ...and definitely no overtime. My last set of holls I ended up working half of them and went back to work feeling that I had never been gone. After the past few weeks at work I definitely need the break...and it will be good study time for the exam.

...did I mention how much I hate exams??

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moon said...

You definately need to savour your holidays...u have been working so hard. Besides as u say, perfect time to take it easy, while studying. I am cheering for u. As for the weight loss... WHOOOOO HOOO GF.. you rock! AND IT SHOWS! HEHE.