July 12, 2007

More pics of my dirt!

Decided to come out on a "work day" to actually catch some action...LOOK!! A workman! Woot!
Workmen again :0)
Digger-excavator-thingy (Hopefully Josh will help here with the correct word!)
I ran into a workman down on the main road who aside from being the spitting image of the construction worker from the Village People (I kid you not) he informed me that they are building roads and laying sewers.
...therefore given my new technical expertise ...this must be a road building thingy! (Dad would be so proud!)


Josh Houghtelin said...

Your technical expertise is good enough I'd say! Hehe.

The 'road building thingy' is a Scraper. They are used to pick up and quickly relocate light stuff like soft dirt. They move really fast so they can relocate a lot of dirt quickly.

The thing far behind the Scraper, or road building thingy in your technical mastery, is a bulldozer. They just push earth around.

You don't actually have a picture of an excavator in this photo shoot. Excavators are the big yellow thingys with a long arm and scooper at the end to scoop up dirt, pivot around, and set it down near by or in a truck.

That's our daily dose of heavy machinery. ^_^

JustSue said...

(((Josh))) What would I do without your expertise?! :0)

Stay tuned for more pics in about a week's time when I am on vacation.