September 23, 2007

Exam results

In case anyone was wondering, I passed my promotional exam! (woooo hoooo!) Very pleased with myself, all those hours of studying paid off and I officially "know my stuff".

Now I just have to wait to be scheduled for an interview sometime in October, along with all the other successful candidates (curse them) as we battle it out in a BEI type interview for the two available supervisor positions. We had originally been told that once the positions had been filled, that management would keep a list of other "qualified/successful candidates" to automatically fill future anticipated vacancies coming up over the next 18 months (of which there will be another 3 or more positions due to retirement etc.). However, management in their infinite wisdom (tongue in cheek), have decided that they will re-run the WHOLE FREAKING PROCESS again in the new year - to create a promotional "standby list".

OK...where's the logic there?

Will let ya know when I have my interview date.


Jennyta said...

Congratulation, Sue! Let's hope you get in first time round.

Snowbabies said...

Congratulations Hun :-)

Fingers double crossed for you sweetie, go get um girl!!


JustSue said...

Certainly going to give it my best shot! Thank you for your good wishes. I'll let you know when I get a time/date for the interview ... I can guarantee that I will be a nervous wreck!

moon said...

I knew u did it, I knew!!! lol, U ROCK!!..
Now we can all root for u for the next round!!!