October 3, 2007

Wait for hours, then 4 come along all at once!

Well I seem to be going in spurts on my blogging these days. Nothing for weeks and then bam - 3 or 4 posts at once (kinda like waiting for a bus)...and today's posts will continue in that vein. I have been busy with the camera again. So hang on to your hats ladies and gents, hopefully this wont hurt a bit.

On the "news" front - I finally have an interview date. October 29th at 0630hrs. (Yes folks, that's 6:30 in the freaking morning). Thank heavens I am a morning person. Seventeen of the eighteen candidates made it through the exam process (bunch of smarty pants) so the interviews are scheduled back-to-back over a few days (some apparently into November too!) I am on a week's holls next week over Thanksgiving, so I will sit down then and try to formulate a few responses to anticipated questions using the BEI format. I've even been out and bought myself a new suit for the experience (bargain, sale, and looks fantastic, couldn't resist). So cross your fingers and toes for me for that date.

In other news... quite out of the blue, a week ago last Monday, the boy decided to drop the bombshell that he is thinking of moving out. He'll be 20 in December and I guess he's keen to get out into the big wide world. Needless to say I am beyond words, but he knows the door is always open if he should fall flat on his face and need to come home. The heartbreaking kicker of it all is that my darling Cleo is technically "his" darling Cleo, and will be going with him. Just these few short weeks of having her around and I can't imagine life without her. *sniff* I have assured him however that I am available to doggy-sit whenever he needs me - and if for whatever reason he is unable to keep her, she is to come home here and not be given to strangers.

The current plan is for him to move in with a couple of friends and share a basement apartment not too far from where we are living now. The rent is disgustingly cheap when shared three-ways and the landlords are the parents of one of the aforementioned friends, who reside upstairs. Needless to say this makes the bitter pill of my "baby" leaving the nest a little easier to swallow. Mentally I am already packing spare dishes and plate sets, h'mmm he can take the two love seats from the family room...oh and the coffee table...and... Then I realise that come next spring (assuming all this "moving out" malarkey goes through) when I am ready to move to my new house, I will be moving there alone. That's when the realisation dawns...I've never actually lived on my own ....ever. Cripes!

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moon said...

I think u will do great on the interview..and get the job or not, it will be a great experience for you.
I think, as hard as the transition will be living alone, that u will probabaly really enjoy the new freedon/personal space...Although Cleo (my daughter, not your dog lol) is only 17, she is on the cusp of moving out...and I won't be along, being married and with our boarders living here but what a change it will be..they are always our babies no matter what age they are. We all need new experiences and that change in all our lives, sure is a big change lol.
I can relate to losing the dog also..man, just the thought of losing one of mine...maybe u should get your own Sue...why not? u know now how much one adds to your life..with your son leaving it's an even better reason to get your own. It will give you a presense and help being alone less lonely..specially in the beginning. I sure hope u think about it...I think any woman living alone should have a dog when possible anyway for many reasons.