September 14, 2007

Still alive!

It's been a busy couple of weeks...studying like mad, and a new addition to the family (more about that later). I sat my promotional exam yesterday and am on tenterhooks waiting to see if I passed. It's been a stressful period for sure.

18 of us took the exam - and one keener was done in no time flat, handed in his exam paper and was gone within 20 minutes! I took almost an hour and there were still at least 10 people in the room when I left. I feel I did OK...they were going to mark them yesterday and send them down to employment down town. I hope they get the results to us today and not make us stew over the weekend! Some of the questions were tricky in the way they were worded to try and deliberately trip us up. Talking to some of the other candidates after the exam we discovered a couple of questions where they had tricked a few of us into the wrong answer. I just have my fingers crossed that I passed...then it's on to the interview in October.

They have already told us that the interview is approximately 1 and a half hours long (FECK!) and it's based on the BEI interview format...which I am not good at. So if I pass the exam I will be studying the BEI format and trying to formulate some responses - although I wont know ahead of time what the questions are.

So I can relax a little for the time being....and I am hopeful.

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moon said...

YAY that's its over atleast. I would bet money that u passed...u better let us know!!
So u brought one home eh?? lol knew u would..want to see pics!!