May 31, 2006

6 months to middle age!

It occurred to me that tomorrow is June 1st. Just 6 short months left in the year...can you believe it? We are at the half-way point of 2006 already!

We are also just 6 short months from my fortieth birthday.


There is also the realisation that I am just 9 short years away from the age my mum was when she passed away.

There are a million things that I still want to do, want to see, want to feel and experience - and I KNOW I am not dying or anything crazy (before anyone out there chews my ass) - but I am suddenly very aware of my mortality.

I am making a few lifestyle changes with the hopes of at least making it another four decades and still blogging in 2047 - or whatever the technology is at at that time.


Josh Houghtelin said...

Cheers to blogging (or the such) in 2047! I believe I'll follow that badwagon. =)

Shannon said...

*snorts* 6 months left.....

Try 8 days!

reesie said...

Sheeesh,,i'm already there, it aint so bad. So stop makin me feel like an old old lady *snickers* >:D<

Jennyta said...

I'll be 99 by then, Sue so not sure if I'll still be around to read your blog. ;) Remember, these days, 40 is the new 30!

Andy said...

40 huh? I have a 40th birthday present for you ;)

40 isn't old 40 is hot.