May 23, 2006

Holiday Weekend

This past weekend was Victoria Day Weekend here in Canada - more commonly known as the "May Two-Four" weekend as it generally falls on or around May 24th - the first long weekend of summer - and probably because a case of beer equals 24 bottles! The roads have been choc-a-block full of weekend travellers. Summer cottages are being reopened for the season, campers realising that perhaps it's still a little too early to be out under canvas (the temperatures this weekend hovered around 10 celcius).

And for once I had the weekend off! Woot!

The weekend didn't quite go the way I had planned - initially I had thought N. and I would spend a little time together - perhaps check out the garden centres for some flowers for the garden, a road trip, dinner somewhere nice... I had even picked up a nice roast for Sunday.

N. however decided he was going to head over to visit his friends a couple of hours drive away to party for the weekend. He generally does this on the weekends that I am working - which doesn't bother me, after all it can't be much fun being home alone all weekend when I am at work. On the weekends I am home however (two out of every five) I do prefer that he stay in town and we at least can have some semblance of a normal dating life together. Needless to say I felt a little miffed that he had not only buggered off again for the weekend ...but the first long weekend of summer no less....and with virtually no notice - so bugger any plans I had had for us.
I am starting to think that our time together is starting to wind down. The past 10 months have been fun, but we're not in love - we care about each other, we've had a lot of fun together, but for me that "zing" has never been there, and I suspect the same is true for him.

Gah! Men! Who needs 'em?

My weekend wasn't a dead loss however. My girlfriend J. and I spent an evening at a local country bar, enjoying the music and hooting with laughter as we "people watched" some of the most interestingly dressed people we have seen in a long while. It was a great evening and long, long overdue.

Monday I headed out to the garden centre and picked up flowers for the borders, the hanging baskets and planters. As usual I bought far too many flowers for my pocket handkerchief sized garden - but the way I look at it the extras can be used to replace any casualties in my war with the squirrels.

On the home front, I got an approval from a local bank on a preapproved mortgage for a quarter million dollars (I just like saying that, a quarter of a million dollars!! - $225,000 to everyone else) - which they would happily give me providing I can ante up the downpayment. Anywhere from 5-25% preffered, thank you very much! Nice to know I qualified - a nice little pat on the back for having a good credit rating blah blah blah. I am talking to a broker however about a 100% financing at the moment. I am curious as to how much more it would cost me should a decide to go that route (and providing of course I qualify).

I am back at work - a week of midnight shift looms ahead, but for now I am going to sign off to go watch the final of American Idol. H'mmm who do you think will win this season? Taylor Hicks or Katherine McPhee.


Andy said...

D@mn your time is winding down with N huh? Let the rest of us know when we can officially have a shot at the goal.

JustSue said...

Trust u to have a comment to make me smile!