May 14, 2006

Just another day in the 'hood

I woke up this morning to find several members of our local police dept. out on the road - 4 cars in total - just up the street a-piece; parked up on the sidewalks at awkward angles, as police officers are so prone to do at times. Two Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) or to put a more Hollywood spin on it "CSI" officers were there, one videotaping the street, the other taking photographs - mainly of the ground.

Naturally my curiousity was piqued, as I stood there watching them, nattily dressed in my finest navy-blue velour dressing gown (yes, the one with the bleach stain on the cuff). It was in fact only my manner of dress (and a severe case of bed-head) that was holding me back from trotting over to find out what had transpired overnight. I played briefly with the idea of running upstairs and throwing on some sweats - but decided against it. I wasn't opposed to "finding out" perse...just more than a little embarrassed that in order to get any info, I would have to pull the old "brothers in blue" routine and let them know I am also "on the job" - thus letting them know that yes, in fact, this hellhole of a neighbourhood, is where I call home.

I tried to tell the boy that is was purely professional curiousity - but he saw right through me, rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah right, you're just being nosey!" He went back to his computer, battling demons in Azeroth - and I went back to my vigil by the front door.

Doncha just hate it when they are right?

I've been working afternoon shift this week, so it didn't take me long to beat a path to my Staff's door to see if he could drop a dime on the local pd, out where I live, to make some enquiries. He's good for getting the scoop - like last year when there was a shooting at the end of my street....

Did I mention that I live in what appears to be the "scum bucket" part of Ontario?

A few hours into my shift he was able to find out for me that there had in fact been a stabbing overnight. Lovely! Between the home invasion a few years ago where my super and his family ended up trussed like chickens in their basement, whilst their house was robbed (yeah, tell me that wasn't drug related...sure!), to the shooting last year....and now this. I think the time may finally be approaching when I start looking for a new place to live. A place where Five-O aren't going to be parked up the street on a regular basis, dealing with the local delinquents and picking up shell caseings. (OK, maybe I exaggerated about the shell caseings, but it could happen...I'd just prefer not to be here when it does!)

So sometime over the next week or so I am going to take a shot at getting preapproved for a mortgage...I really don't want to keep renting all my life, and this may have been the kick up the bum I needed, to get motivated into actually making my dream of homeownership come true. The downpayment is the only stumbling block at the moment - carrying the mortgage is not the issue - just that lump sum that they are so keen on seeing put down prior. All I keep telling myself is that if everyone else can manage it - then why not me? I foresee a lot of Kraft Dinner and overtime in my future.


Jennyta said...

Wow, Sue - excitement that you could do without! Good luck with the mortgage application.

moon said...

I think its a terrific idea Sue!! I wish you all the luck, and usually for a first time home buyer, they ask for only 5% down or now even less depending on where u live..but the norm is 5%..I wish u all the luck and frankly once u start paying a morgage towards your own property, u will wonder why you have been paying rent to someone else all these yrs. Keep us posted!

gemmak said...

Good move, one things fer sure, it's unlikely to get any better so get out while you can. Good luck with the mortgage stuff :o)