June 14, 2006

Holls so far...

Well my holls so far have been wonderful. Relaxing, restful and therapeutic - just what the doctor ordered!

Or just what the dentist ordered at any rate...I was in to see my dishy dentist yesterday for my bi-annual check-up. I think I have had a crush on this guy for at least the last 6 years. It's one of those silent adoration from a-far type silly school-girl crushes. He checks my teeth, smiles seductively, invariably asks a personal question that leaves me stumbling for an answer - and he's gone onto his next patient. Sadly great genetics and good oral hygiene mean's I wont see him again for another 6 months for my next check up. Sigh. ["Look mom! No cavities!"]

Today was a couple of firsts - my first hair dye, and my first solo trip to the movies. I decided I had referred to my strands of grey as my "natural highlights" for far too long and took the Lady Clairol plunge. Well, L'Oreal to be precise - copper blonde - which ironically isn't blonde at all - but seems to match my natural red to a tea. My hat's off to the drug store cosmetician who recommended both the brand and the shade. The grey is gone, which is wonderful - but I miss the natural tint of my hair - this new "all over shade" seems flat. The irony to all this is I have hated my hair colour for as long as I can remember. Growing up a gingernut in the UK was not the kindest - for some reason it really is a colour you either love or hate. If I had a dollar however for every hairdresser and well-meaning family members that oooed and ahhhed over my natural hair colour and told me about people who paid a fortune to have my colour I wouldn't have any issues over downpayments! I always replied that they obviously had more money than sense and swore that I would never be a "dyed redhead". Goes to show you shouldn't use the word "never" lightly.

My first solo movie originally was going to be a mother and son night - but I assured the boy that I would be just fine going alone - and I am sure he was secretly relieved to stay home for a WoW Guild raid evening. I am touched that he was willing to come with me - he makes me so proud at what a wonderful young person he has become. His thoughtfulness touches me daily. In fact the whole way he responded when N. and I broke up just made me feel so loved and cared for. He's a great boy - correction - a great young man.

The movie I saw? The Da Vinci Code. I read the book earlier this year and I have to say I really think both Ron Howard and Tom Hanks did a fantastic job. Religious arguments aside.

The book I am reading right now? Dr. Phil's "Love Smart" - I know my Mr. Zing is out there somewhere, and I intend on finding him. Preferably before my next checkup with Dr. Wonderful - before I have to touch up my roots however may be pushing it a bit!

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