June 21, 2006

First day of summer

Well it's the official first day of summer and I am sat out on my patio enjoying the sunshine, the flowers and the last few days of my June holls. (I say June holls because I actually have another week off next month!)

The garden is starting to look lovely, the squirrels this year haven't been too bad - must have been all the bad press I gave them last year! Or perhaps it has something to do with the family of Blue Jays that is nesting nearby. Gorgeous looking birds, but very agressive and they tend to chase off all other critters nearby. Go Jays! lol I did however catch a baby racoon with his cute little furry face in my petunias the other night. I stood watching him for a good 5 minutes and he wasn't the least bit concerned about having an audience. The whole time I was mentally calculating if I had time to run upstairs for my camera - but hey another time, I am sure he will be back.

I have officially re-signed on to my old dating website ...writing a profile about oneself can be very daunting - especially if you happen to be typically British in the sense that we tend downplay all our positive characteristics and be somewhat self-effacing. To appear to be overly confident or self assured is not an attractive attribute at all but seen as being smug or too cock-sure of oneself. I am keeping my fingers crossed however that someone's interest may be piqued.

As far as old relationships go N. and I appear to have settled into a friendship - which is great! He called me on Monday to let me know he had gotten into an accident on his motorbike over the weekend and had been taken to hospital unconscious. He came off his motorbike on an on-ramp, so thankfully he wasn't going at his usual breakneck speeds, but he still ended up with a broken collar bone and bruised ribs. He says he doesn't remember a thing about the accident, and when he regained consciousness in the ambulance he couldn't even remember what day it was.

He then got a call Monday afternoon from the hospital saying he was to go directly to the nearest hospital - they had seen something on the x-rays that worried them. He spent the afternoon at the hospital being re-x-rayed and when that showed nothing they did a CT scan. Apparently they were worried about possible spinal injuries. The results however are good and he is stocked with pain killers and has to go back to the hospital for a check-up in two weeks. We got together for coffee last night and he really is in bad shape painwise. Businesswise as well this couldn't have come at a worse time as summer is usually their busiest time at the garage. His partner is now having to shoulder all of the work alone and N. is standing by handing over tools etc. It must be very frustrating for him.

The rest of my week looks to at least be a little more interesting. Tomorrow night I am off to a retirement "do" for a colleague from work, Friday I have plans to go see "Click" (probably solo again - although the boy has shown interest in joining me), and Saturday I am going to drive out to Courtice for their Highland Games. I haven't been to a Highland Games in a long, long time, and it is always a fantastic opportunity to get my sticky paws on all that over-priced British merchandise! I will take the camera and hopefully get some nice photos of men in kilts :)


moon said...

Still waiting for pics lol

JustSue said...

Yeah me too! The boy, in his never ending "tweaking" with the computer, appears to have "misplaced" my USB cable for the camera...grrrrr.