June 6, 2006

The Mark of the Beast

I think most people of my generation associate "666" with the Hollywood movie trilogy of "The Omen." I remember first seeing the movie back in the very early 80's and being both totally intrigued - and at the same time totally terrified.

Here was a movie, that played on the rituals and superstitions of the Catholic Church - which has become a life long interest for me, as a non-Catholic. And in addition it ingrained an absolute fear of chanting monks. Nothing sets the goosebumps running down the length of my arm like the atmospheric chanting from all three Omen movies.

I think the one thing that appealed to us with the Omen films was that deep within our Christian hearts, this was something that could really happen. Many of us went straight from the movie theatre and straight to our family bibles to look up the references of the Beast and his mark in Revelations. Hollywood had created something that was far more believable and terrifying than zombie flesh eaters or aliens attacking.

Ironically a remake of the movie is being released today. The release date coinciding with the only time in the next 100 years that the date will be 06.06.06. Somehow I think the movie will be just a trashy remake of what was a classic cult horror movie in 1976 with Gregory Peck. Just Hollywood cashing in on the date.

Needless to say I will venture in the dark shadows of the theatre, clutching my popcorn, hoping to be proven wrong. (And hoping not to bump into any monks on my way home).

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