June 10, 2006

This week...

It's been a full week - and every time I tried to log onto Blogger this week I got an error message as the service was down, so this post will be a weekly round up.

Wednesday and Thursday I was on a diversity course at our local police college. It was an interesting couple of days. We had guest lecturers from various sectors of our community and we basically covered everything from race/religious biases to gay/lesbian/transexual issues.

It was during the demographics lecture that I realised how much the "average family" has changed in the last 60 years. Nearly everyone in our class came from large families, with at least 3 or 4 siblings - one lady even told us she was from a family of 11 ...and married to a man who was from a family of 18 (good Catholics!). Today however not too many people have more than 2 kids - IF they have kids at all! What that birthrate has done to our population - and what the effects of that birthrate will have on us in the future is a real eyeopener.

Thursday was also my last day at work before my holidays - originally N. and I had planned on taking a road trip out to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, hitting the road right after work and driving through the night. Obviously those plans changed recently. It was still N.'s birthday however, so I offered to take him out to dinner. All things considered we had a great evening. It's refreshing to see we can be friends. It was obvious that he doesn't have any ideas of us getting back together again and he made a couple of pointed comments to that end. That's cool - I miss certain things about him, but I don't miss having him in my life if that make's sense. I am ready to move on - "Next!"

Friday was the first official day of my holls. I am now looking at 16 days off and no plans whatsoever. There are a few movies playing that I plan to head along to, a little gardening perhaps - but other than that nadda. I will become a lady of leisure! The boy and his girlfriend even telephoned me mid-afternoon telling me not to cook dinner - they wanted to take me out. Wow! Dinner out two nights in a row? I am gonna be eating celery sticks for the rest of the month at this rate!

Friday night J. had told me about a new singles dance out in Oshawa - so I met up with her and two other girlfriends and we spent the evening at what must be the worst singles dance this side of Timbuktoo. Aside from the meager turnout and abysmal male/female ratio, the DJ was awful and the crowd definitely too old for my tastes. At least when I am 50 and still doing the single circuit (heaven forbid) I will know where to go for a night out of dancing. Now there's a depressing thought.

No fear - our regular Saturday night singles dance is tonight, and that should more than make up for the disappointments of Friday night...well that was my thinking at least, until I came down with a killer headache this afternoon. I ended up having to bow out of the festivities tonight - even though I am feeling 100% better, the thought of loud music and flashing lights doesn't exactly rock my world tonight.

Instead I stayed home with the boy and his girlfriend and we had a wonderful barbecue meal together - with lots of fresh colourful salads, corn, baked potatoes. OK I admit I am not going to meet Mr Wonderful hiding at home with the kids - but on reflection I wasn't exactly meeting him at the dances either. I need to rethink my strategy - assuming of course that I have a strategy - which it seems I don't.

On the plus side though I did do something positive for the environment today. Our local utility was holding an event out at a local DIY store, turn in an old A/C unit and get $25. They recycle the parts - heck of a lot better than just throwing it into some landfill somewhere. A win-win situation.

And I am $25 richer.


Shannon said...

Yanno....If you got that much time on ya hands you could come south of the border *whistling* and have a little bit of a getaway without having to worry about men/kids/work.

Think about it and lemme know what you think.

JustSue said...

Awwww, thanks Shan!

Anonymous said...

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