August 2, 2006

Home Sweet...Lot #96?

I got some news today that essentially will dictate the direction my life (and by extention thereof, this blog )will go over the next year or so.

I am buying a house!

There is a townhouse development being built in a nearby town, that I went out to visit with the boy last week. My mortgage application went in on Friday and the approval came through today. Needless to say I am terrified, excited, nervous, thrilled and nauseated all at the same time.

Any advice you of can offer about purchasing a house, especially a new house. Extra items worth paying for ...or items worth leaving til later ...things to ask for ...or to watch out for etc would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget this is my FIRST ever home, so this is all new to me. I am calling it my 40th birthday present to myself.

My closing date wont be until November 2007 into early 2008. So needless to say I will be working ALL kinds of overtime etc to help with costs, expenses, appliances etc.

It's a small house, but a little bigger than what we have right now. Not my "dream home" but perfect for starting out.

If you are interested in seeing the plans check out this link.

I meet with the builders next week to complete the offer and pay my deposit. I will be taking a list of questions, requests etc. with me. So take the time to leave a comment with advice, suggestions etc.

The next few months will be full of the dilemma of carpet colour decisions, countertop and kitchen cabinet choices and tile to pick out. And hopefully lots of photos.

Consider yourselves forwarned!


moon said...

I said it before and I will say it again and again...CONGRATS MY FRIEND...I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!..I look forward to the many posts to follow as you move towards this new endeavor, with trepidation, fear, uncertainty but also mostly, happiness, eagerness, pride and excitement. BIG HUGSSSSS

Jennyta said...

Congratulations, Sue. I'm afraid I don't really have any practical advice, though as I've never been involved in buying a brand new house, but you will have a big say over colour schemes, carpets, fittings etc, I would think. Good luck with it all.

JustSue said...

Oh hell, I can't tell you how nervous I am about all this. I literally feel like throwing up. Sorry not a nice visual I know, but I can't think of any other way to describe this mix of excitement and nerves.

I spoke to N. this evening, and we are getting together for coffee hopefully Monday evening to talk over all the pros and cons.

...and for some crazy reason I am now looking at plans for a bigger model wondering if that would be better. What's another $10k? Someone stop me before I go insane and totally out of control.

moon said...

Well, the plan you choze is perfect for u I think..I really liked looking at the two models with u the other night btw..I think instead of bigger, go for the extras u will truely appreciate down the road, like A/C and a nice tub etc. Those will help u in resale value down the road.

Andy said...

Wow that is a nice big house for one person. How many square feet is that? It looks to be about 4 times the size of where I live now.

JustSue said...

Moonie, I know you are right hun. I am so glad you guys are here to talk sense to me!

LOL...actually Andy, it's not that big. I am currently in a rented townhouse that is 1081 sq. ft. - it's small - but cosy for the boy and I. The house on the plans is 1247 sq. ft., just a little bigger. Certainly not too big for the boy and I - and more than big enough for just me (and the cats) after he finally flys the nest.

Andy said...

I live in a place that is just under 700 square feet so you are almost double my places size :)