December 22, 2006

I'm ready!

I hit the grocery store this morning to pick up some last minute things (milk, coffee etc) and was totally amazed at the number of people already there shopping like there was no tomorrow! The parking lot was jammed. The stores are only closed for 2 days for crying out loud! You'd think, looking at some people's trolleys, that they were stocking up for the next month or stocking a fallout shelter! Thankfully with my 4 items, I hopped over to the express lane and was out of that mahem in a jiffy.

My last and final task was wrapping pressies. Xena seemed more intent on crawling into gift bags and batting at the curling ribbon, but 2 hours later I am finally, officially, I aint buying another darn thing - even if I win the lottery tonight - DONE!


Jennyta said...

Here in Wrexham, for some time now, if you weren't parked in town by 9am there was no chance, due in no small part to the fact that they have got ride of about 2000 spaces to build yet another shopping centre. :(

Lou Lou said...

happy holidays babe

not quite done but will be tomorrow