December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas from the girls

I was finally getting around to taking a pic or two of the Christmas decorations today, when a certain little furry face, waiting for Santa under the tree, caught my eye instead.


Xena loves to lie on top of (and totally mess up) the tree skirt and the various stockings waiting to be filled.

I couldn't leave out her big sister Savannah aka Fat Cat, seen here chilling on the couch.


Christmas photos? Oh yeah...well after taking photos of the girls I kinda forgot what I had originally been doing, but I did get a couple of shots of my Christmas village, here and here. Enjoy!


Andy said...

You know when you said "the girls" I totally thought they were going to be a different sort of picture. D@mn! I so had my hopes up.

JustSue said...

Good job I didn't adopt the "Mrs Slocombe" approach then.