June 25, 2007

Giving it my best shot

Well we got the official word today that the supervisor promotional process is going to run over the summer. It will be posted July 11, successful candidates notified Aug 2, study package available Aug 7, written exam Sept 13 and start of interviews somewhere around Oct 8.

From what I hear there are a lot of people going for it. We have 4 supervisors per platoon (total of 5 platoons) and due to recent retirements/resignations we have 3 vacancies...the rest of the successful candidates will be in a "pool" to fill future vacancies, much the same way uniform spots are filled too.

So I figure what the heck, I've been "acting" for just short of a year, and at the very least it will be good experience to go through the promotional process. Now I just have to prepare a resume (haven't needed one in a few years! LOL)

Wish me luck!


moon said...

I'm rooting for u gf!!!!!

Jennyta said...

Good luck, Sue. :)