June 20, 2007

No longer a golf virgin!

Picture 025

A few of us off my platoon got together on days off yesterday for a golf day - sadly not everyone, but I don't think even the golf course could have coped with 50 of us all at once. Prior to yesterday my only experience with golf had included windmills and the big clown's mouth at the end of the course....ahem.

I had a totally awesome time. I actually managed to impress a few of the guys with a few of my drives...but there were equally as many pathetic moments - and it was a blast. I even got invited to come out and play at a local course with a couple of the guys from work sometime. Not bad for someone who showed up not even knowing if she golfed left handed or right, eh? I'm a south paw...but it turns out I golf right. We played 9 holes, and I discovered that once the "beverage cart" had visited us around the 4th hole that beer truly doesn't make me a better golfer...but I was definitely more relaxed and not worried about showing myself up!

The full set of photos are on Facebook, but here are a few from the day, I can't wait to go again!

Picture 042

Picture 043

Picture 046

and finally the golfers...(I am 6th from the right).

Picture 052

Afterward we retired to a local watering hole for foam and feathers!


Snowbabies said...

Looks like you had a FAB time, bet the beer was better though!!

Update please can we have some piccies???


JustSue said...

I will deffinitely take some on my next set of days off...either by grabbing the boy for 10 mins and saying "take my picture" or using the darned timer on the camera. I am curious myself, because I look in the mirror and can't see where it's gone from!!

Snowbabies said...

lol, Sue I know what you mean!!

At first you dont notice a difference till you try something skinney on then hey presto, its like a magic wand has transformed you.....

Take care Debbie.x.