June 25, 2007

Week 3

Picture 072

Ohhhh ...big yellow digger things have arrived! (technical term, I know you're impressed).

Picture 073

A big clearing area.

Picture 074

Looking south.

Picture 075

Still looking south.

Picture 076

Yep...you guessed it...looking south again.

Picture 077

Looking ....north! (ha! fooled ya!)

Picture 078

Looking north again...and the porta-potty stage right.

Picture 079



...and finally, north again.

Stayed tuned for more next week!

1 comment:

Josh Houghtelin said...

In a little less than a year I get to hire one of those big yellow digger things (aka excavator) to dig out a huge hole in a hill for my house. I can't wait ^_^

Cheers to progress!