June 22, 2007

I got flowers!

...from my trainee!

After 5 weeks of working side by side, leading him through the intricacies of 911 call taking, my trainee was officially set free to fly "solo" today. He surprised me this morning by leaving a "thank you" on my desk. Initially I thought the night shift dispatcher must have left them behind accidentally at shift change, until a co-worker found the card nestled inside...and then I got all verklempt. What a sweet thank you!

Picture 064

Picture 066

I won't tell you how many people stopped by my desk to ask if it was my birthday or alternatively was my "significant other" in a whole heap of trouble! LOL

1 comment:

moon said...

AWE how sweet, well deserved ofcourse but kootos to the lad for thinking of being such a sweety!