August 1, 2007

Hooray! Hooray! I'm on holi-holi-days! (apologies to Boney-M)

It's been an awesome day! I was officially on leave as of 1500hrs est today, when I handed over the 11 and 12 division dispatch desk to the afternoon shift dispatcher and stowed my headset in my bag for the next 19 days! (Woot!)

This is the first time I have had "summer" (July or August) holls in more years than I care to even think about. So where am I off to? Well nowhere to be honest. It will be "Costa del Back Yard" for yours truly... but fear not gentle reader, I intend to have a relaxing and productive holiday at home, de-stressing.

So what made today awesome? Well ...heck, sad to say other people's misfortune, but it made for an excellent adrenalin filled day...and we all know what an adrenalin junkie I am. I sat down at my desk at 7am to relieve the night shift dispatcher to a home invasion (victim bound and beaten and suspects made off with some cash and "Special K" ....apparently that's not the cereal!) We had a take down of a stolen vehicle ...suspect apprehended (booyah!) We had a gun call - resident calling in a "sound of gunshots" ...a person with a knife call (homeless mentally ill person wandering down the street armed with a knife threatening passersby) officer got into a foot pursuit after a regular traffic stop turned into an assault (attacked the officer with a stick)...he left a large stash of Crack Cocaine on the passenger seat of his car- idiot! A lady jumped from a window of a local hospital in a suicide attempt and I had an officer get into a vehicle pursuit right at the end of shift. Talk about being hyped beyond belief! For a very small part of the city that is normally known as "sleepy hollow" it was incredibly busy for a Wednesday morning. I almost wonder if I will be able to give up dispatching (if and when) I ever get that promotion I am after. Speaking of which, I got the official "OK" today that my application has been accepted for the promotional race and I get to pick up my study package for the exam next week. First hurdle for the exam...yikes! Study tips anyone?

The boy and I are thinking about a puppy. We had planned to wait until we had moved into the house before getting one, however he came to me the other day suggesting (and heck I hate it when his logic makes sense) that we look into getting the puppy now before we that all the house training (and possible accidents) are over with now in this rented house and not on my new carpets and upgraded under pad in the new place. He has a point. So we've been looking into it. I am waiting for a callback from a breeder that one of the girls from work just got a puppy from a little over a month ago. The boy has never had a puppy...his past 2 dogs have been adult "rescues" this is very special for him. We'll have to see what happens!

So now the next 19 days. My plans include getting some chores done around the house, that I have been procrastinating somewhat over, getting some sun, hitting the construction site for more pics, a trip to the Design Centre to check out the samples for my upgrades, a pool party, a street festival, at least 1 trip to the movies with the boy...and who knows what else. I don't want to head back to work feeling I have done nothing. The one thing I have categorically said, in no uncertain terms, with the exception of 1 shift I volunteered for weeks ago to cover our "Carribana Parade" this coming weekend, is NO overtime! I am taking these next 19 days (as selfishly as this may sound) for me ... and this 2nd rum and diet coke is going down a treat! :0)

"We're all going on a sum-mer holiday, no more working for a week or two..." (apologies to Cliff Richard)

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moon said...

You deserve a good break!! Glad u are taking it...enjoy..savour..and relax gf...hope you have a lovely holiday!