August 25, 2006

No rest for the wicked

Worked a 14 hour shift yesterday.
4 hours of which was overtime.
Busy day, major fire of a junk yard that required a 5 km evacuation due to possible chemical hazards. A single engined Cessa went down in Lake Ontario (all souls on-board saved by my marine unit guys - you guys rock!) A pursuit, an assist PC, plus the ususal gun/knife/blunt weapons calls and assorted drunks, mentally ill persons and such that make up my life.
Got home just after 3am.
Cup of tea, email, wind down, in bed by 4:30am
Up again 2 hours later - whoops - shouldn't have had that cup of tea.
Up again an hour later to toss the cat out of the bedroom and shut the door - firmly.
Finally awake at 11am.
Feeling a tad zombie-ish.
Showered, tea drunk, email checked.
Time to pack a lunch and head back into work.
Hopefully I will be able to form full sentences by the time I get there.
Somewhere in a momentary lapse of judgement I have volunteered to do this all again.

Tomorrow night.
and Wednesday.

If I were you I'd check back here this time next week. I doubt there will be anything of substance or even remotely coherrant in the interim.

Apologies for any typos...but at the moment I really don't care.

Post Script 06/08/31: Phew! OK in the last week I worked an additional 45 hours in overtime on top of my regular shifts. So at time and a half...carry the one... (pulls socks off to count on toes)....(licks end of pencil)....that's another 67.5 hours of pay. Sweet! I have to be honest, I am knackered though. My hat's off to people who work 2 and 3 jobs regularly and have 80 plus hour weeks. I just don't know how you do it. I've got another 2 x 8-hour shifts this weekend, which will bring me to ...(wanders off counting on fingers).


moon said...

You poor dear..I am rooting for you to get through this week intact.....Hugs my friend.

JustSue said...

Awww thank Monette. My mantra at the moment is "Oasis of Luxury...Oasis of Luxury" LOL

I keep getting strange looks from everyone as I chant it though.

gemmak said...

OMG! I would just keel over about half way through all of that, if you can type at all I'll be impressed, let alone anything coherrent! :o)

Jennyta said...

You have my sympathy, Sue. Don't know how you do it. My daughter, a doctor did a 96 hour week last week.