August 21, 2006

Overtime in Hollywood North

I've been pulling all the overtime I can grab over the past few weeks - for obvious reasons. This morning we received a frantic 911 call from a citizen reporting four men, all dressed in orange prison jumpsuits and chained together running down the street. Thankfully it was just a film crew for the latest episode of Prison Break. Wonder if the officers who caught up with these famous convicts got any autographs?

I had a giggle myself whilst taking some information from a young man calling in on behalf of his brother after an assault.

Me: What's your brother's name?
Caller: Steven
Me: Is that Stephen with a "v" or a "ph"?
Caller: No, Steven with an "S".
Me: ... [banging head slowly on the keyboard]

Colleague sitting next to me for our 8 hour stint shared the following exchange he heard on an ambulance call.
Caller: My mother has fallen and injured her hip.
Ambulance Dispatcher: Is that your mother I can hear screaming in the background?
Caller: Yes.
Ambulance Dispatcher: Is she conscious and breathing?
(Yes, you have blonde jokes, I have ambulance dispatcher jokes.)

On the back of my current favourite T-shirt:
"God created police officers, so that firemen could have heroes.
Then he created dispatchers, to show them who God really is."


Lou Lou said...

hey chickee
mmmm prison break yummy

moon said...

I love that one lol...I bow to thee Sue!

Gypsy said...

Great stuff! :) Here from Michele's today.

Geek's Girl said...

Steven with an S


I'm guessing you have quite a collection of anecdotes like this. At least it makes keeps the job interesting, no?