August 8, 2006

Signing on the dotted line.

Well the offer has been made, the papers are signed - in duplicate x 10. And the deposit cheques signed and handed over. I am surprised I don't have writer's cramp!

The emotion of it all got to me - this truly is the realization of a life long dream. [Yes, I cried...I'm a sap.] Afterwards we drove around the corner to view the site, it's totally impossible to imagine what it look like a year and a half from now.


To celebrate...dinner at Pizza Hut.



Geek's Girl said...

Congratulations! Nothing is sweeter than one's first real, proper I-own-it home.

I'm so excited for you.

JustSue said...

Thank you!

It's only just starting to sink in.

Shannon said...

*squealing and bobbing up and down*

I'm so excited for you!!

It's all going to seem surreal until you get the key. However, I say enjoy the process and the ride. Might I suggest taking your camera out once a week and taking a pic of the progress from the same place. That way you can have something of a scrapbook of the experience.

I truly am thrilled for you and wish you all the happiness you deserve.

Lou Lou said...

yay! go you
you are so very lucky where to start where to start shopping shopping shopping - you have to have a bottom drawer.... right?

JustSue said...

LOL Lou, I haven't heard that expression in yonks! Nope, no bottom drawer - just going to be updating furniture (new bedroom set for the boy) and I will need to buy a fridge and stove - as the ones I have now came with the house I am currently renting. Although I am sure there will be a TON of new things that I will want to get, I will just have to be thing at a time!

JustSue said...

Shan: Already done my friend! I just hadn't gotten around to uploading them yet.

Shannon said...


*squealing again*

It looks great!

I can't wait!

moon said...

WHOOOO HOOOO...It will be so much fun reading about this adventure you have embarked on. Enjoy it and know that u have friends to freak out with along the way aswell lol

JustSue said...

Thank you Monette....the sign of a true who is willing to freak out over the tiniest little details with me. Just remember I will occasionally need a "whap" upside the head every now and then to bring me back to reality! LOL