August 14, 2006

Reading the fine print

The past few days have gone by in a flurry. Nothing earth-shattering to report perse, but enough to keep me busy. For saying I am supposedly on holls right now, I certainly don't feel like I have been laying around and taking it easy.

Wednesday evening I got a call from the sales agent at the building site to advise me that the builder had signed his acceptance of my offer. I picked up the documents Thursday morning, and headed straight over to the lawyer's office for him to go over the agreement. I am glad I did, as Saturday morning the lawyer called to point out a couple of items that had been missed. Nothing major, but items that still needed to be addressed, added or re-worded.

The lawyer was actually very helpful and he asked if I had already gone through all the documents myself. I confessed I hadn't. There is a pile of 2 inch thick legal documents sitting on my dining room table and as we talked I mentally promised myself that at some point I would sit down with a highlighter and go through them all. That "some point" is going to be today. I foresee endless pots of tea in my immediate future as I try to wade through the legaleese.

Saturday night J. and I headed out to the local dance to celebrate. The music was terrible (new DJ), cute guys were in very short supply or already taken, she was exhausted (she's renovating at home and had spent the day painting her bathroom) and I really didn't want to waste money (for obvious reasons) - so it was no surprise when just before midnight we decided to call it a day. I was home, face freshly scrubbed clean of makeup and in bed by 12:30! Wild party animal eh?

Sunday was spent cleaning. As most will know, I truly see housework as a chore. There are actually people out there who enjoy god you need help. On the flip side, there is nothing I love more than a fresh, clean house however, so I knuckle down and suck it up. I did try to mentally calculate however, how many more times I will be scrubbing this bathroom before I move. (75 - based on an average of once a week - sigh)

Sunday afternoon I ventured out on a second date with the "prospect" from a few weeks ago. I had decided to give this one a second go, simply because we'd had such a good time the first time we went out, and perhaps I was being "too picky" when I had decided previously that there was no zing and cancelled our date. We went to see the new 9-11 movie, "World Trade Centre". I had a marvelous time. We can chat up a storm, I am very comfortable and relaxed with him - but still no zing. I can see him as a fantastic friend, but definitely not a love interest.

OK I have procrastinated for long enough...time to hit the legal papers....

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moon said...

ACK, I don't envy you that task for sure...good luck.