October 13, 2006

October Snowstorm

Just south of the border they are shovelling out today in Buffalo, N. Y. and have declared a state of emergency. A rare early October snowstorm has left over 60cms of snow in Buffalo...and up to 30cms in parts of Southern Ontario. Environment Canada has described the wintry blast as "significant snowfalls of historic proportions.'' Over 1/4 million homes are without power due to downed powerlines and in some cases there is no running water. They are estimating people will be out of power for 4-5 days whilst crews struggle to get the lines repaired.


Read the full news report here.

And this has to be my favourite photo


....see the rest here.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing, I think 6 inches of snow would be an historical event over here these days.

Love the photo of the dog in the snow :-)

Paul & Debbie

JustSue said...

I am sure there are some folks in Buffalo right now that are wishing it was only 6 inches! lol

I saw a news report last night that said the weight of the snow on the tail end of a commercial airplane at the airport had caused the nose of the plane to rise right up off the ground. That's some weight in snow when you think about it!

Lou Lou said...

jesus snow already?

still basking in the sunshine here although had a bt of rain this weekend

gemmak said...

Wow...snow already!!!! :o))