October 24, 2006

Option B

The following has been edited for brevity and content...to protect the innocent (him) ...and the idiotic (me)....and with added post chat commentary.

A certain someone cornered me on messenger:
(You know who you are, you Montreal Minx.)

M: hey!! lol
M: there are some of us readers who are STILL waiting to know what u did....A,B,C or D lol
M: cough it up gf
S: lmao
S: Hello M, mon amie!
M: quit hedging
(oops she's onto me...)
S: oh geez woman
M: I am a woman on a mission
S: so i see
S: you were correct my dear
S: i swear you know me too well
M: omg , slap
M: lol
S: I phoned his office the following morning on the pretense of having lost an earring
S: yes i know
S: i am hopeless
(lame-ass more like, on the spur of the moment I described the earring as a gold hoop. How the heck do you loose a hoop?? Doh! I don't lie well on the spot.)
M: so did he get a hint?
M: or did u get a dumb secretary
S: amazing how everyone said option A....but not a single comment from any of the guys
S: dumb secretary
S: sigh
M: dang!!
M: so u will see him again?
S: a friend at work suggested that even if he WAS interested ...which we dont know that he is ....he might not be allowed to date a client...conflict of interests
S: he would have to drop me as a client first
(this is me justifying why I am correct for not pursuing it further)
M: oh poppy cock
S: yes i will deffinitely see him again
S: which in hind sight maybe it's a good thing i didn't ask him out
(See how I am looking for an escape route here?)
S: imagine how awkward it would have been if he either had in fact been married or if he said no
(Just who am I trying to convince here? M. or myself??)
M: if thats the case, no big deal, one bridge at a time...don't just sluff it all off so easily, its to CONVENIENT SUE...
(Yep, she can read me like a book)
S: sigh
M: all he can say is NO THANKS... end of story
S: i know
(why does she have to make it sound so easy?)
M: move on, same ole same ole
S: you make it sound so easy
(I just said that...oh never mind)
M: if u must, wait till next time u have to see him...try to work it into the convo,
(Work it into the convo?? Oh sure, it will just naturally pop up.)
S: ok
M: but dont just close the door..then wonder what if
(but "what if''s" make for great long cold winter evening rehashing and beating to death material!)
M: do I have to go over there ? lol
(Sure...come ask him out for me...it will be just like high school. "My friend likes you." Life was so much easier back then.)
S: i checked with a couple of guys at work (just to get a male perspective) as to what they would think of a woman reversing the traditional roles and asking them out for once ...and they all loved it
M: I have heard the same over and over again myself from men
S: hmmm
S: i just have to summon the nerve lol
(The words "freezes when over" and "hell" spring to mind - not necessarily in that order.)


moon said...

You know, you could have used my name lol...I am so proud of how brilliant I sounded throughout the convo...ok, maybe not brilliant but certainly On to you my friend lmao!...You know I am one of your biggest fans and I have told u many a time, how any man would be so lucky to have u in their life...Now all I have to do is keep WORKING YOU.. to step out of your comfort box lol.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to take a risk rather than stay safe and then beat ourselves up for what might have been. If you don't try, you'll never know. :)

JustSue said...

You are both right. I love my comfort zone, I relish the boundaries set by the box, my life is set by rules and regulations. I have always done what is expected, never rocked the boat, been obediant, compliant and very "doormat-ish". What people think of me in-so-far as being a "good/nice person" means tons to me.

Perhaps turning 40 will be a good time to start a rebellion against what is expected - and start to do a few things for myself.

moon said...

HEAR! HERE!..and then some Sue!..we will be rooting for you and encouraging u and even proding u just a little bit when u need that extra push gf......yes we will lol....I can hear you sigh..I mean business lol.

Josh Houghtelin said...

SUE, I'm not so sure the idea of the woman taking the first step to initiate a relationship is out of the ordinary anymore. It is of course easier to be the one in the position to decline another rather then get declined but I tell you what, it's significantly more fun playing the offense if you can get over being self conscience fearing simple rejection.

Cheers! Now get in the driver seat!