October 8, 2006

After dinner conversation

Dinner was delicious. Well, by my standards at any rate. The turkey was a little dry - I am so paranoid about food being fully cooked that I guess I overdid it a little. The boy (bless his cotton socks) tells me that's why we have gravy.

Our Thanksgiving dinner tradition is to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. This year with just the boy and I at the table it didn't take long for us both to find something to be thankfsul for. The new house naturally! It dawned to me that after today, I will have just one more Thanksgiving meal to cook in this house.

So whilst I finish the wine - well it's open already, we can't waste it - and the dish washer is swooshing away in the background, let's have a little relaxed after dinner chit chat. (Yes, she's in a talkative mood and is already halfway through a full bottle of red).

More to follow...

1918hrs: Pleasant 20 minute chat with Maybe. He's still engaged to the lovely Sam and I am truly happy for them both. He however still loves to chat/cam with a variety of female friends. Call me cynical but I can't see him staying happily engaged for long if she ever finds out. And no, I am not one of his webcam buddies.

So speaking of exes...we were? Yes, we were. N. has moved in with his new girlfriend. He dropped the news to me in an email about a month ago. Yes, I am happy for him...but it did make me wonder briefly. We broke up at the end of May...and by early/mid September he was already dating and MOVED IN with a new girlfriend. Bloody hell. No moss growing under his feet eh? (before you start to do the math...that's less than 3 months).

1954hrs: Just thinking how nice it would be to snuggle up to someone right now and watch the telly - yes, it's the wine talking. Guess the cat will have to suffice. Speaking of telly I happened to catch the omnibus edition of Coronation Street this morning. I used to watch it religiously, but over the last 3 years I have fallen away from the church of Newton and Ridley. Today however...the birth of Sunita's twins (yes, we are behind in Canada...don't spoil the storyline)...I am suddenly feeling sucked in by those ancient cobblestones. Admittedly it's a soap - but it's a show that has been on the air since 1960....longer even than I have been alive (no comments from the peanut gallery) ...but it's a link to home for me and I need that so badly.

2024hrs: OK...break out the kleenex...my weepy moment of the week...Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. ...Wine is done...now on the voddy...more chatter to follow.

2130hrs: Moved onto Shallow Hal...seen it before, but I wanted something on the boobtube that didn't require any actual thought...and believe me this fits the bill. There are times I feel like Rosemary...just wish there was a Hal out there for me that could see beyond the fat.

2148hrs: OK...just me again. The boy got a piercing last night. He originally wanted to get his lip pierced...but personally I don't care for that look. It's too tacky for my tastes. So I suggested an eyebrow...not thinking that he would ever go for it...and he did. My goodness it really suits him to be honest, but I think what is blowing his mind more than anything is the fact that I am not freaking out over it. Personally....not that I would ever admit the same to the boy...I would love to get my nose pierced...but with this beak I don't think that would be a great idea. A 40 yr old with a nose piercing? Nah.

Did I mention he has a possible new girlfriend? They had their first date last night...and she's an older woman (23yrs)....so I have emphasised the need for safe sex...and he has rolled his eyeballs in the appropriate places.

2204rs: Jen and I hit the local country bar on Friday night. I was telling her I was seriously thinking of joining eharmony....but in truth I am trying to hold off...after all "normal" people surely must be able to meet new friends without resorting to coughing up the old credit card #. Alternatively my thinking is ...on a "paid site" obviously the members would be considered to be more serious/non-fickle. Thoughts?

As far as the bar is concerned...there was one fella I was talking to...then Jen asked him to dance. Grrrrr!

As to what else I am doing to meet new friends (ie: men) ...dance class....dismal failure...primarily female participants...thinking of joining "Toastmasters" group. Went to Chapters (notorious "pick up" book store)....didn't dare look at a single person who stood next to me...but found a number of books to add to my wish list. Hit Home Depot on Saturday...a) to check out possible new fridges/stoves for my new kitchen....and b) men for my new bedroom. Found a few possible new appliances....but nothing for bedroom decor.

2236hr: Watching a show basicallly entitled "Hastings -1066"...yes Shallow Hal didn't hold my attention...and after all...apparently Harold was a redhead. RAWR! *methinks my mr wonderful will need to be a history geek.*


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a pleasant day. Don't worry, Sue, there is someone special for you just around the corner.

JustSue said...

I appreciate your words of kindness Jenny, and I am sure at times I must sound like a broken record.

I don't mean it to sound like my life isn't complete without love...or that I am depressed - far from it. It's just something that I miss in life...but it doesn't control my life.

moon said...

U know what I think, same thing as Jennyta...
as for the eharmony, You are right, I would think that ppl willing to pay are the ones that are serious .. and atleast weed out the deadbeats..to a bare minimal I would think. Give it a try...and ''normal'' ppl often don't want to do the bar scene, try to pick up ppl looking at fridges for fear of blurting out...''Bet your juicy meat would keep fresh in there'' or...Step on delicate toes in a dance class with is 2 left feet lol....Lets not forget ppl get bogged down with work, and just don't get OUT THERE.. like u know yourself. So, I say GO FOR IT!!

BTW...my mom has been an AVID Coronations Street fan for EVER!!! She tapes them even and won't miss it no matter what lol. It's the ONLY soap she has ever really watched.