March 19, 2007

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor

I've been busy the past few days and only am now finding time to sit down for a moment and blog a few thoughts.

Thursday was a day of emotions that went from one extreme to the other. In the morning I attended the funeral for the mother of a very good friend. To say I haven't seen or experienced such raw grief in a long time is an understatement. It was the first funeral I have attended that included a DVD slide show of photographs, set to music, of the deceased and her family through all stages of life. Margaret will be sadly missed by all...and my thoughts and prayers are with my girlfriend and her family.

Thursday night J. and I hit one of the local bars for an evening of entertainment. We saw Tony Lee the X-rated hypnotist. I have to say I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time. (Told you it was a day of emotions from one extreme to the other!) If you ever get a chance to see Tony live at any of the college and university campuses or at a bar I can highly recommend his show ...just don't volunteer to go up on stage whatever you do! Why is he X-rated? Ahem...check here and here.

Saturday morning I awoke to a snowstorm...and typical I had to go out in it. I had signed up for overtime at work and basically had no choice...even though every bone in my body screamed to be allowed to stay snug in bed. The roads hadn't been plowed yet and just by the way my car fishtailed out of the parking lot, I knew it was going to take a while to get into work. Three times as long to be precise...20 minute Saturday morning ride in stretched to 60 simply wasn't safe to go any faster than 70-80 kms an hour...and I am by no stretch of the imagination a "nervous" driver. In typical Canadian spring weather fashion, 8 hours later the sun had melted all the snow and I drove home on bone dry roads wondering if I had actually dreamed the whole winter weather blast.

Saturday night (after a wee apres work nap) I was out with J. again at a St Patrick's Day party. Now admittedly I am not Irish...and I never did get the hang of Guinness...but I am a red head and I do look good in there was nothing holding me back! The party went on til the wee small hours of the morning, but I bailed Cinderella style shortly before 1am as I had to be at work again for 7am for another overtime shift.

I discovered three things that night. #1...I am not as young as I used to be and pulling "all nighters" just isn't in the cards. How we ever did it when we were teens I will never know! #2 Pre-party naps for the over 40's are highly recommended. #3 I am becoming an expert when it comes to Jello-Shooters. My green glow in the dark necklace (apparently a St Patrick's day party necessity in these parts) is still going strong 2 days later.

I am now thankfully off 'til lots of time to recover from both the social life (which as usual seems to go in spurts) and the overtime shifts.


moon said...

I was sorry to hear about your friends heart goes out to her and her family.

Sounds like u had a great time, and your right, you look GREAT in green...ya sexy wench...enjoy your days off...u party aminal u.

Jay said...

Very few people are as young as they used to be, but you just keep partying like it's 1999.