March 29, 2007

Signs of spring in my* part of Ontario

*may be different for those living in nicer/seedier locations.

Spring is in the air! Over the past few days the temperature has risen (finally) above "feckin' freezin'" (technical Ontario-eese for anything below 0 Celcius) and the following signs of life have been noted.

1. My next door neighbours have finally taken down their Christmas lights, evergreen decorations and the wreath on the door is now a moronically happy faced Easter Bunny in various pastel colours. It must be noted however that there are several people on the street, who's lights remain up year 'round...and I am grateful for not having to live next door to them.

2. The line up at the car wash is ridiculous.

3. The local grocery store has errected their "garden centre" cage area in the parking lot - ready for delivery of various bedding plants etc. Although anyone who plants before the May "24" weekend is nuts in my books.

4. Teen wardrobe choices alternate between winter parkas and baggy shorts - dependant on whether we make it into double digits or not...and with Ontario spring weather which can go from cranking up the furnace and throwing on an extra layer in the morning switching over to the air conditioning by mid-afternoon...perhaps those teens would be best advised to wear both the parka and the shorts at the same time and hope for the best.

5. The pile of snow/ice/road sludge at the end of my driveway has FINALLY melted...the last few remants from yesterday were gone this morning.

6. The gym is less crowded. All those "New Year" resolvers have finally rolled over belly up and given up the ghost.

7. Tim Horton's are running their "Roll Up the Rim to Win" promotion. For the record all I have won so far this year is 1 coffee. (grumble, stomp, swear)

8. The drive home along the 401 could be considered "off roading" ...thanks to all those bloody great potholes in the road. (Please note this is the precursor to that other great Ontario sign of!)

9. Work has gotten steadily busier. First bit of nice weather and everyone rushes out, consumes copious amounts of beer...and in the case of the couple last weekend who we had to send the marine unit out to rescue...decide that it would be a really smart move to swim in the lake.

and finally...

10. I am officially on my first week of holidays for 2007! Woot! (so you know that means the weather is gonna crap out, don't take the snow tires off just yet).


Jennyta said...

Someone decided to swim in the lake at this time of year? How many gallons of spcial brew had they drunk???

JustSue said...

We never said they were smart Jenny!

moon said...

Today, I walked home from my doctors appointment, spring coat open...slight breeze in my hair...and the blessed sun shining in my eyes....yes SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!

JustSue said...

Spring had better bloody well be here...I just went out and bought a few new togs: skirt, blouse, couple of camisoles. Now I just want a change to wear 'em!!

Jay said...

These are so great! You were spot on, I just kept nodding and nodding.