March 28, 2007


Jennyta has tagged me to reveal 5 things about myself that I have not previously mentioned on my blog, so here goes:

1. I am left-handed. High fives all round with fellow "south paws" ...yes, we really are the best people! OK I may have mentioned this before...but if you follow the trail from this blog to Jennyta' Gemmak's... you will see we are slowly taking over the world...muhahaha!

2. I am taking up running. OK, well jogging actually...well at the moment it's more jog...walk...jog...walk but I am at least trying. Yes, I am in shock too.

3. I have the skin of a teenager. (This is not a good thing).

4. The closing date on my new house has been delayed. Just found out today...will blog more on this later.

5. I am going to "Line Dancing" classes at a local bar with Jen - she talked me into woman, lotsa cute guys there! LOL

This was a darn sight harder than I thought it would be.

I am now going to pass the baton on to: Moonie, Snowbabies, Liquid, LouLou and Peachy.


Jennyta said...

Sorry to hear about the house, Sue. Hope it's not going to be delayed for too long.

gemmak said...

To have anything of a teenager is good in my book these days!

Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't find this easy....couldn't decide if it was because I wear my heart on my sleeve and had already told all or if it was the reverse and I'm just too guarded! lol

Yayyyy for the southpaws!

moon said...


Sorry about the house also..hope it's not a long delay.

what in the world am I going to find to write about??? I am always so long winded that I have told the story of my life over and over again lol, ARG!

Josh (Haqur) Houghtelin said...

Alright. I did my parent to put an end to this left handed domincance! lol. j/k.