March 9, 2007

Little pink flying elephants

I am home today from work with a yucky head cold that has left me feeling as weak as a kitten. I felt it coming on Tuesday afternoon. Headache, slight runny Wednesday night I knew for sure that I was coming down with something. Thursday was my first day back to work after days off and all my loving colleagues went to great lengths to tell me that I looked like shite. By dinner time last night I knew I wasn't going to be making it into work today. It's my first "sick day" from work in over 15 months - and I feel guilty as hell for taking the time off. On the other hand I am normally the first one reaching for the antiseptic wipes whenever I encounter a sick co-worker, so I am sure they are all happy that I decided to stay home today.

My flu-ridden brain brought about the strangest dreams last night. Mum was there - decorating the bedroom walls with coloured markers and felt-tipped pens. For some reason I cut out my own tongue with a vegetable knife (probably because I kept waking up totally parched from mouth-breathing and having to get a drink of water) and we kept it in a Ziploc bag so that I could get it sewn on again later. I hasten to add that other than Advil there were no cold medications in my system last night - so I can't even blame the dreams on the hallucinogenic properties of NyQuil.

I'm glad to be back on a normal day schedule, and my weight loss efforts are now back in full swing. All last week whilst I was on the night shift, despite making an effort to go to the gym, and being good beyond belief in my food choices, my weight didn't shift in the desired direction. I had appeared to plateau and at one point my scales even claimed that I had gained back a couple of pounds (I naturally called the scales a bare-faced liar). I wonder if the whole "shift work" scenario has anything to do with it?

Thankfully by Wednesday, back on normal day shift hours my scales (now behaving itself) claims that I had lost another 4lbs. I tried on a pair of old blue jeans that had previously been more than a bit snug and was thrilled to find they not only fit comfortably...they actually hung on my bum and thighs! Thursday morning I was down I am officially 1lb away from my 30lb mark! I have to admit I am feeling fantastic! Still got a long ways to go...but I am determined to get there. Sharing weight loss news with friends like Monette have been a huge help in keeping my motivation going. She is doing fantastically since her gastric bypass surgery in January, and we regularly check on each other's progress on instant messenger. I appreciate however that eventually her weight loss results will have me choking on her dust and leave me trailing behind, but at the moment it really feels like we are doing this together.

The boy started his new job this past Monday and from what I can tell so far everything is going well. The only reason I can't say much more on the subject is that I have hardly seen him! In addition to working full time he is taking night school 4 days a week, and still finding time for a social life himself. I generally get a phone call...or hear the door close as he is coming home in the wee small hours. I shake my head and wonder where he gets the energy from, but then I look back and remember how I was at that age. We'd think nothing of being out partying 'til 2am and still being ready for work the next morning - albeit a tad bleary eyed.

Other than that, not a lot more to report. J. is just back from her week in El Salvador. I can't wait to hear her news and see the pics, I am sure she had a wonderful time. After the kind of week we have had with the ice storm, temperatures of -21 with wind chills of -35 and now this lousy head cold, I am in dire need of some sun, sand and sangria. Roll on spring!


Tringle said...

well done you x

feeling crappy myself but it's hayfever! getting warmer 22 today! na na na na naaaaaaaaaa

managed to ride up the massive hill twice this week on my bike without thighs were like jelly

Jennyta said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I have taken 6 weeks to lose 7 pounds despite sticking rigidly to the diet and not cheating. It ain't easy - we need mutual support!

JustSue said...

Thanks! It's a long, slow slog - and I will never look at a lettuce leaf with the same desire as a slice of chocolate cake.

Lou - way to go on the bike riding! I remember those "jelly leg" hill rides all too well from last summer, and once the weather improves I will be out there again, down by the lake.

Jenny - Mutual support? Absolutely! You know you have it from me! 7 lbs is fantastic news - keep up the good work!

moon said...

I am so thrilled and proud of u Sue..and yes, the support is imparative...keeps us all going. Although my insides have's not easy thats for sure...and although I can't go to a gym for a better workout, we atleast have a dreaded treadmill lol. With my blind boarder here all the time I can't afford to go out for 2 hours to workout..would cost me aprox20$ each time..and frankly Chris and I would love to be be able to do that together...maybe some day we can work it out.
Keep up the good work gf!!!