August 19, 2007

Design Centre

I was out at the Design Centre this morning to check out all the different samples etc. for the new house. My appointment is in just over a week's time to go in and make final decisions on various items. Carpet, cabinetry, countertops etc. Naturally I took my camera...but I am not about to upload all the pics here. Instead, drop by my photobucket account and have a wee gander ...and if you have a suggestion/preferance or observation, please do not hesitate to leave a comment here.


moon said...

I was looking at the I just finished updating my of the things we did ti update the cabinets was to paint them dark detract from the design and shape they are..they have that same curved detail on the upper part of the cabinets instead of the streak line..or square detail on the door fronts...I find the curved style dates them...making them look more 80's...go with straight lines on the cabinet matter how the style changes in future , u can change colours and totally update them later..easier then with the curve detail..but thats just my opinion lol...I have more *opinions* lol but would be easier if we were on the phone looking at the samples together...just let me know when ...would love to gab about decor hehe

Snowbabies said...

OMG, Paul would be taking me to the NUT house if I have all those to choose from!!

Think BLUE (pale) is nice for a bathroom, chilling while you have a soak.....